Making a prayer box.

Way back in the spring, after I disconnected from my ex, I was trying to find new activities to relax and get me in a more positive mindset. Even though at the time I was still agnostic, I saw this video on making “prayer boxes” and it interested me because I love arts and crafts and it seemed such a positive, creative, fun thing to do.

Here’s a good video that teaches you how to make a prayer box. This is part 1; make sure to watch part 2 also. There are other videos about making prayer boxes but I think this one is good for beginners.

There are no rules for making these boxes and they are so easy. If you aren’t religious, you can call yours a “wish box” or an “inspiration box” or whatever suits you. Just use pictures or objects that mean a lot to you or make you feel happy.

Here’s how I made mine:
I went to Michael’s (a large arts and crafts chain–I think they’re nationwide) and picked up a cheap wooden box with a curved lid. I found a detail of the two baby angels from a magazine photo of Michaelangelo’s famous painting, carefully glued it to the top of the box (I made another copy and glued that one to the front). I then covered both with a thin layer of clear shellac which gave it a slightly antique look.

The other sides of the box and the rim of the lid I painted with matte-finish antique-gold paint. Then I embellished the box with cheap plastic “gemstones” that came in a packet at Michael’s (about $1.99!), and added a black and white “HAPPY” tile to the top of the box (also purchased at Michael’s in a packet with other tiles with words on them).

As my final touch, I added a small clear glass orb to the top of the lid, to be used as a handle. I used epoxy glue which works great for everything; clear silicone tub caulking (which can be found at Home Depot or any hardware store) is also good and lasts forever.

Here is what my finished box looks like (front and top):
prayerbox1 prayerbox2

Under the lid of the box, I glued inspirational quotes I liked.

If you are more religious, you can use Bible quotes.

Inside the box, put small objects that mean a lot to you, and then every day, if you wish, you can add a prayer to the box. Putting the prayer in written form and placing it in a box helps make it more concrete and seem less like a “thought” that might not be heard.

Even if you don’t believe in God, you can still put your wishes or thoughts into the box, and let the universe or your higher power take care of it.

This activity helped me a lot. I have to admit, since I’ve been blogging, I haven’t really been using my prayer box, but I wanted to share this because it was very helpful to me when I first disconnected and felt so lost and alone in the world. It’s also a lot of fun if you enjoy crafty things like I do.

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  1. During bible school I had a simple Christmas card box into which i placed pics of people I wanted to remember to pray for. There were a lot of people in there by the end of my 3 years! If i didn’t have a pic I would use a momento, a letter, postcard or some reminder of that person. I would take some from the top every time I used the box and think about those folks and pray for them, then they would return to the bottom of the box for a while. That was my prayer box.

    Love yours too! Cool idea! πŸ™‚

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  2. That sounds like a good idea. When I get low or discourage. I should make a prayer box of prayers instead of posting. I was so low earlier. Matt cheered me up a little by stating he would send me a pint of blood just not FedEx. Chuckle.

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  3. This is very much in line with the quote in your prior post. Did you notice that? Was it deliberate? Since I noticed it AND made this connection, I’m going to say to myself “Wow, I did that.” If you knew how many of these details pass me by without notice on a regular basis, you’d understand. I’m half-joking and half-serious in this personal self-observation.

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    • Wow, really? I have to go back and read what I wrote. That’s cool you noticed it, no it wasn’t deliberate since my attention has just now been called to it.


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