It’s good to be home


I had a fabulous time at my daughter’s boyfriend’s home on Christmas, and wound up spending the night in the spare bedroom because we all had a little too much wine and there was no way I was going to try to drive home. I spent almost all day there, sleeping late and then straightening up (like the mom I am). We had a nice late breakfast (at 1 PM!) of eggs and sausages. This turned out to be one of the best Christmases I ever had, and not because of the wine either! The lasagna was perfect and my daughter seems to have learned a lot from her experience in jail.

But as nice as that all was, I’m still a homebody at heart and miss my own bed, my own things, and my own surroundings when I’m away from them. I miss my pets too. (my roommate was taking care of them). So as soon as I got home I got into some comfy yoga pants and a T-shirt and am lounging on my bed right now with my laptop, a delicious drink of blackberry juice and ginger ale, and leftover lasagna I brought home. There are two cats sleeping at the foot of my bed right now as I type this.

The holidays are finally over (I never counted New Years in the equation) and I’m at peace. I think I may read for awhile and turn in early. I’m exhausted!

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