Taylor Swift seems obsessed with furries. Hmmmm.


From Twitter today:

Taylor Swift @taylorswiftfnf 13h
You can’t turn around on Twitter without running into furries. And they’re so technical, too! I know I talk about them constantly, but damn.

Taylor Swift @taylorswiftfnf 5h
Maybe furry programmers are just the beginning. Machines are going to turn us all into furries. That’s how they end humanity. Oh god.

Watch for the dancers in fursuits.

8 thoughts on “Taylor Swift seems obsessed with furries. Hmmmm.

      • It’s a MMORPG (Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game, often abbreviated to MMO) that started in the 90’s and continues to this day. All the characters are animals, and players role play (RP) in areas that other people construct, called “dreams.”

        A very good friend of mine plays Furcadia, but she is not a furry. However, I think she has told me that plenty of furries play on Furcadia.

        Essentially the whole thing is a giant sandbox for people to play characters in. For more information, here is the Wikipedia article on it.

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