Lucky Otters Haven has a new look.

Sample of colorful paint. Cans of red, yellow, blue and green paint.

Boredom isn’t always the devil’s playground.     Sometimes boredom is so intolerable it can lead you to desperate actions to rid yourself of its special kind of pain–actions like, hmm…getting falling down drunk, hitting the mall and buying a bunch of stuff you don’t even want, sleeping the day away, eating an entire roll of chocolate chunk cookie dough, watching Internet porn, having sex with strangers, building a giraffe made out of toothpicks, crafting a voodoo doll of your narcissist ex (hey, if anyone has ever done this, can you post a picture of it, pretty please?), or…remodeling your blog.

So that’s what I did.   I’m too scared to change my whole theme yet (I’m still on Twenty Ten) because of my (probably irrational) phobia about losing everything or the slightly more likely nightmare of my blog becoming FUBAR, or at the very least, all my Shares and Likes disappearing. But t I did make some pretty drastic changes within the same theme: the title font, the background, the header graphic, the sub-header, and the color scheme.

I think this look is more eye catching and the fonts and font background colors easier to read.  I also think the new sub-head (up in the header graphic) fits my new focus–while I still will cover personality disorders (especially Cluster B disorders), narcissistic abuse, and healing,  I realize that only about 60-70% of my posts have much or anything to do with those topics.   I cover a lot of other topics that interest, inspire, or entertain me too, and have been doing so for awhile.  So I wanted a sub-header that might attract followers and readers who just like general purpose blogs that have a lot of different kinds of content.

I also took the apostrophe out of Otters, so now the title is Lucky Otters Haven instead of Lucky Otter’s Haven.  I think the look is cleaner, and it isn’t ungrammatical either, because I know I’m not the only otter here swimming up from the dark and murky waters of a traumatic past.  I kept the word “borderline” in there because it’s an important part of this blog’s focus and my recovery, but it’s far from being my only focus. I wanted to draw less attention to BPD being an affliction, even though it is (BPD is to Marburg Virus what NPD is to Ebola) and more to the unusual and sometimes surreal vantage point it gives me when looking at myself and this crazy, horrible, and wonderful world I find myself a part of.

I hope everyone likes the facelift and new attitude. Please feel free to let me know if you think it could be even better or even if you hate it.   I do listen to suggestions and unlike real otters, I don’t bite (well not usually, anyway).

On September 10th, this blog will be entering its Terrible Twos!

I can hardly believe it’s been that long and at the same time, it seems like I’ve been doing this forever.   That’s next weekend.  I’ll be doing a big post about all the changes Lucky Otter’s Haven  has gone through since its inception, including screenshots (thanks to The Wayback Machine) of what this blog has looked like over time since September 2014.

17 thoughts on “Lucky Otters Haven has a new look.

  1. I love this new look. A lot! Its a great improvement for several reasons
    1. Graphically it is more pleasing. I adore trees and so your background is lovely. The set up for on the header lets me see your links much easier. IN other words it seems far more navigational. In fact, you have things I didn’t know about that I want to explore and am headed off to explore now!

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  2. Doing some exploring now and noticed,the divisions at the top of the page that let me look at categories, like your story make this web site so much more user friendly. I may go remodel mine because I see how much easier it is to get the broader picture of what you are about in those categories, You did some great work making this web site have a good flow to it

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    • I think you’re talking about the little drop down headers at the top, right? Actually they were there before, but were much harder to see. I’m glad you like it, and I look forward to seeing what you do with yours.
      I agree this gives the blog a broader picture of what it (and me) are about.

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      • Yes, the drop down headers, for some reason I didn’t see them before. Something about the layout of the headers makes me want to click and see what the file contains and its organized so clearly that I see lots and lots of stuff I want to read.

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  3. Did you really do all those things? Get drunk and sleep all day and eat cookie dough ice cream, read porn and have sex with strangers? And did you really do it all out of boredom? Damn! That sounds like psychopathic boredom. WOW! I think that trip to Florida really shook something loose in you. You seem a LOT freer than ever. I’m enjoying your exhilaration. If you made a voodoo doll of your ex, why not show us a picture? I would show you mine if I had one. Cheers!

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    • Either you are being sarcastic, or you are very literal! Of course I don’t actually do all those things (maybe sleeping all day and eating a roll of cookie dough).
      I’m probably just a little manic right now lol.
      That vacation did me good.
      Nope, never made a voodoo doll of my ex, but maybe I still will (j/k!)

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  4. Your new look is beautiful. Very well done.

    I’ve been blogging on WP for five years and have never changed themes, because I’ve seen what’s happened on some other blogs when the blogger switched themes, and I’m not a risk taker. But I love messing around with the look (backgrounds, fonts, etc), and I love the custom design option — it’s worth every penny.

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