What the hell?!

I was looking at websites about Easter candy, of all things, and tears just started pouring down my face. I don’t mean a few tears either, I’m talking about a damn river and this went on for about 45 minutes. I wasn’t sobbing or even really crying; it was like someone just turned the hose on. My nose was running too. I just kept reading the websites as if everything was business as usual. I tried to think about what emotion I was feeling and I don’t even know. It’s just pure, raw, unnameable, generic emotion, neither good nor bad, and not even particularly strong, but the release felt good. I think something loosened up inside me from tonight’s session. I wonder if this is a common thing.

I learned a little trick for getting more in touch with my emotions and allowing myself to experience them, and it’s surprisingly simple. Most people have a tendency to say things like “I am angry” or “I am sad.” But you aren’t your emotions, you just HAVE emotions. So, instead, if you can say “I feel angry” or “I have sadness,” it creates a bit of distance between yourself and your emotions, and paradoxically, that distance makes it safer to allow yourself to fully experience them. Of course, I have no idea WHAT I felt tonight, but it was still an emotion and I let myself experience it without fear or shame.

8 thoughts on “What the hell?!

  1. I like that, I feel rather than I am. Great tip and I’m going to use it myself from now on. Having a good cry can be the best medicine sometimes. Glad you are feeling better now.

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    • It’s really underrated tbh. Ilove the way people always think there’s something wrong and try to stop you from crying. Sometimes it isn’t that at all and can feel really good (I don’t let anyone see me cry though–I always cry alone).


    • Oh, thank you! I just love watching animal videos–I definitely need to watch this one. ❤
      And you're right–animals are better at love and parenting than some people. :/

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