Mental Health Writer’s Guild


I’m proud to announce that both this blog and my other blog, Down The Rabbit Hole, have been accepted into the Mental Health Writer’s Guild, an organization for bloggers who focus on mental health issues including mental illness stigma.

From their About page:

The Mental Health Writers’ Guild exists to encourage: positive, informative, inspirational writing in respect of Mental Health.  Doing so in the hope of ..

a)  furthering a greater understanding of the issues and challenges relating to Mental Health and Mental Well-being.

b)  addressing and working towards the reduction and removal of the stigma often attached to poor mental health and/or mental illness.

c)  keeping people advised of any progress, research, developments or discoveries within the field of Mental Health and Mental Well-being.

Likewise, The Mental Health Writers’ Guild seeks to encourage support and unity between all those writing about Mental Health and especially within Guild members.

Any blogger who writes about mental illness is welcome to join.  You may request membership on this page, or recommend another blogger for membership.

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