How is your website doing?

My Alexa ranking.

There are many things that factor into how well your website is doing, including a lot of things I don’t really understand yet. But considering there are almost a billion websites on the Internet (woah, that’s a LOT of websites!), having a ranking of 1.5 million globally and under 500,000 in the United States is pretty damn good.

You can get some general info on how your website is doing (without signing up for anything or paying for anything) here:

7 thoughts on “How is your website doing?

  1. I clicked on your link but that Alexa thing isn’t really free. It’s a free test with the object of selling us something. Just to find out what Alexa thinks of my website? Why should I care?


    • It’s just fun tool, not to be taken seriously. Geez. I’m also frankly getting REALLY tired of your constant critical remarks and snarkiness. I’m not the only one who noticed, but evidently you either can’t see how your remarks subtly undermine or you don’t care. Its fine to disagree, and many people have disagreed with me, but with you it’s like EVERY article lately I post you attack in some way and I’m sick of it. If you don’t like my blog, fine then don’t read it, but I think your attitude is running off others and it’s pissing me off. Sorry, but it had to be said, and if you don’t stop I am going to stop approving ANY of your comments.

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