Hiding in plain sight: Illuminati symbolism.

Even scarier than that, here’s an “official” Illuminati commercial. It looks real, but it could be a hoax. Has anyone seen this commercial on TV? If it is real, we are in big trouble.

They also have a website. I won’t link it here though. The URL is in the above video if you’re curious. I looked at it and it doesn’t tell you much more than the commercial does. It seems you have to “join” to get any more information, which isn’t something I care to do.

Frankly, I’m surprised they’d be making themselves so publicly available, which is why I’m skeptical about this being a real commercial or the site being real.

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  1. Hmm. I’m not even going to watch that commercial. But I did Google the question, “According to Snopes, is there a real Illuminati TV commercial?” I found that Snopes doesn’t seem to have anything to say about that. But I found some other strange stuff. Which I decided to stop reading.

    This past Sunday I went to a different church than I usually attend. The sermon and service were great. Throughout the service, and especially during communion, I felt a beautiful, sweet, peaceful, loving, awesomely glorious Presence. Wow! If that is what heaven is going to be like, I am super excited about going there!

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    • I inboxed you about the photo on my first sing release. When we backed the 2 photos together…they formed white owls. It was not planned. It just happened. Then I had bizarre mystical occurances happen in regards to white owls. I saw that owls are Illuminati symbolism in regards to Celtic goddesses that rule the world.

      Read my inbox message. I am a bit freaked over it. Is this positive or negative. It is symbolism that I am extremely intuitive, and that is true. I am.

      Incidentally, this was a great film. I know understand that the man I knew who tried to teach me about this stuff was aware that he was suffering from Secondary Psychopathy and he was trying to meditate himself and alter his surroundings to heal himself. I of course being this intuitive goddess driven celtic like creature intuitively knew exactly what he was doing and his struggles. I never needed any secondary opinions, and I would seek outside my own intuition. That caused serious imbalances. Although,..to get past the clouds,…you do need to hear the thunder and go through the storm in order to feel the rain and watch the sun shine down upon you.

      I hope that made sense to you…

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      • They started to appear recently with my music creativity. I feel as if the creativity and all of what I learned in the past 2 years had brought me to a much higher level of consciousness. I want to explore what we are discussing further because I feel a sense of inner peace. We are evolving.

        I remember when I was a child looking into this peep hole to see the most beautiful white owl with the most amazing eyes. What beautiful color they were….and the consciousness,…awareness and spiritually of the totem owl is breathtaking.

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  2. I wish I knew all their secret knowledge. I wonder if they have secret knowledge from extraterrestrials. Do you ever here anything about that? All those yellow and red signs blew my mind! It’s hard to grasp that such a large group of top celebrities would be devil worshipers. I tend to think there’s some truth to all this. I’m grateful I don’t know many people interested in worshiping the big D.

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    • It’s either demons or aliens. Some would say it’s the same thing. Really, there’s no other way to explain the weirdness. If it is aliens, they don’t seem like helpful, friendly ones to me. There’s something really sinister about that commercial.

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  3. Of course I’m not implying that I am a God. Lol

    That would imply that I was highly NarCissistic. I do know I am very intuitive and that I have keen instincts. I am investigating the symbolism in regards to the white owl and I’m am seeking the meaning behind its often presence in my life.

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