Narcissistic Women – Satanic Sirens Who Act Like Angelic Maidens

It’s not only men who abuse, or women who get abused. There are female narcissists without a shred of empathy and every bit as toxic as an abusive man. In some cases they can be even more manipulative and underhanded because society has trained them to not be as outwardly aggressive. ACON blogger and author Kim Saeed is gathering stories from men about abusive female narcissists they have been involved with, for a future book. If you’re a man and have a story to tell, please keep on reading.

Let Me Reach with Kim Saeed

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Let Me Reach is seeking stories from men about narcissistic women.

As we forge through this era of equality for all, it’s important that we shine the light on a disturbing and often misunderstood phenomenon. Men are narcissistically abused, too. And female narcissists have an advantage due to age-old societal leanings to view women as the gentler sex…in need of protection and extra support.

While that may be true for some women in our world, female narcissists are wreaking havoc and destroying lives just as badly as their male counterparts using these outdated standards to their great advantage.  In some cases, their evil can seem even more depraved and unscrupulous using such debauched schemes as: luring men (and women) into affairs and later blackmailing them and extorting money from them, making death threats, making threats of exposure, fooling the court systems to get custody of children for the simple…

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7 thoughts on “Narcissistic Women – Satanic Sirens Who Act Like Angelic Maidens

    • This is important to build awareness. I work in a mostly all women environment, and I’ve heard of some horrific stories about mens abuse. I’ve heard 3 stories from women I knew that involved horrific abuse towards immigrant men. I also knew an immigrant woman that suffered from terrible abuse from her husband too. I recently listened to another story of a woman who lured away another woman’s husband (they were married for over 30 years) and then she destroyed his family and marriage and then discarded him. To her its a sport. She’s frightening.

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        • I’m sorry I haven’t been on lately. I’ve been working so much…and doing the band thing too. But I’m starting to get adjusted to all the change. I’m off from work today and its a peaceful day. I’m working on a song now called, Trail Of Tears. Its about the Native Indians who parishes because their land was stolen from them. That was the American holocaust. Over 4000 people lost there lives.

          I watched a film today called The Home Project… and I somehow want the Native Indian story to reflect a worldwide story of environmental abuse and the unfairness in resource distribution.

          The lyrics of course will be a reflection and not literal.

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