Narcissists are all conformists.


Because narcissists don’t know who they really are and don’t have any thoughts of their own, they are all obsessed with their image, which means conforming to whatever is considered most socially acceptable in a given society (or sometimes, what isn’t). Most of them are obsessed with social class, and “put on airs” of being part of a higher social class than they actually are. This may manifest in the way they dress, the way they speak (and accounts for how affected a lot of them sound), or how intelligent or educated they want you to think they are. They are extremely snobbish and look down on anyone who doesn’t adhere to their lofty standards or fit into their chosen social group. If you dare to confront a narcissist about their actual social class, educational level, or otherwise bring them down to size, they fly into a narcissistic rage or decide to punish you by giving you the silent treatment or worse.

Even the ones who try to appear “different” or “unconventional” are actually extremely conventional. I know some hipsters, which are a common sight among young people where I live. There’s this one guy, an acqaintance of my daughter’s, who refuses to listen to any Top 40 music because to him, since it’s played on commercial radio, it must be trash. The more obscure the music, art, movie (oops–I meant film), or even food, the better it is. Having such “obscure” tastes makes him feel superior to the unwashed masses who eat McDonalds (or Olive Garden for those with more cash), shop at J.C. Penney or Belks, attend summer “blockbusters,” and listen to Adele or Florida Georgia Line.

He wears nerd glasses, a beanie, and drives a Jeep. He has tattoos and wears an earring and only eats “locally grown” foods. But so do all his friends. There isn’t an original thought in his head, but he’s quick to put down everyone else’s “plebian” tastes because the more obscure it is, the more cutting edge and cool it is, and if you like something “popular” then you’ve been brainwashed by the Military-Industrial Complex. He’s just conforming to another standard though–that of his “unconventional” friends. Now I have nothing against hipsters (and I like a lot of their music), but there are narcissists among them who only care about their “cool” image and have no original ideas of their own–they’re just trying to conform and are really no different in that regard from my mother, who always had upper class WASP pretentions and woe be to anyone who reminded her of her working class, Irish-Catholic, Southern roots.

Whether they’re hipsters, company presidents, debutantes, or hip hop wannabes, they are all fake and insincere, and they are snobs too.

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  1. Well, you know, the crowd, whether in or out or whatever one you or I or anyone else might consider ourselves to be part of, are not always wrong, or always right. They’re are all just groups of individuals of whom the majority happen to share many of the same tastes, opinions, or even faults!


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