Psychiatry proves how crazy I am.


In case anyone’s interested, these are the ones I am aware of (some are self-identified).

April-June 1996 hospitalization for major depression/suicidal ideation:
BPD/AvPD (Borderline and Avoidant PDs); PTSD; Major Depressive Episode (provisional bipolar I); GAD (generalized anxiety disorder); Panic Disorder.

1997 short term hospitalization:
BPD; PTSD; dysthymia; GAD

Self diagnoses:
Aspergers syndrome (2005-2015)
NPD: covert, cerebral type (2015-)

Seasonal Affective Disorder (fall/winter type)

Personality type:
Myers-Briggs INFJ; Enneagram 4w5 or sometimes 5w4.


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