Obligatory cute kitten post.


Sorry, but I wasn’t able to embed this Vine video. Click on link to watch. ❤

15 thoughts on “Obligatory cute kitten post.

  1. That is the cutest infestation I’ve ever seen. lol
    It’s hard to pick but my favorite is the white one with those two black spots on top of his/her head. I love kittens.

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    • I think my favorite is the little black kitten on the left and the aggressive little gray and white one who mews the most and climbs up ahead of the black one and gets petted first. They’re all adorable though. They all have their own unique little personalities.

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      • Yeah they do. They’re all so cute. Those climbers are trouble makers though. I liked the black one too. The one that was still on the floor with the white one. lol. One white and one black. Like kitty bookends.

        The cat I have now is a beautiful tuxedo!


            • Aw I remember that post.
              I can post pics. But I’m sure you know my blog is private. So it will take some work in marking all posts private and then posting a pic.

              It’s going to take some time. 😦

              I’ve been slowly working on making it public though so give me a little bit.

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            • Thanks. This is the second photo you requested and I’ve not forgotten. You know that tree never blossomed…well not in the way I remember it in years past.

              I did take some pics of some of the flowers it did have on it, but they didn’t look pink in the pic, because the pink color was so faint. It was sad to see it not get as full as previous years.

              The elderly woman who lives in the house who’s tree it is, is going through some transition and hasn’t been there. So I’ve been thinking the tree is sad and didn’t blossom because of that. She used to put a bird feeder out by it though too. And that hasn’t been there either now so maybe they’re related. ?

              Your requests have helped to turn my focus on the blog though. I’ve been working through the posts and editing many of them. The plan is to make it public. It’s slow going because it’s my life and abuse so I’ve been going slow but also some days just avoiding it.

              Ugh! I need to hole up for a couple months and just grit and bear it.

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            • Ah yes, I remembered asking you about the flowers.
              I’m glad my requests help you to focus though, even though it’s sort of embarrassing I’ve asked you the same thing now twice.
              No rush.

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