Remember this sound?

Dial-up Internet. Free AOL CD-Roms that came by snail mail and everyone threw away. Remember how slow and inefficient the Internet was? There was no Youtube, no Facebook, no Twitter, barely any photos. Remember when Telnet chatrooms (“talkers”) served the same purpose that Twitter and texting do today? When Email was cool and cutting edge–and Hotmail was the coolest of all? Remember Mosaic and Netscape?

Those days weren’t so long ago. But in the digital universe, it was eons ago. How far we have come since those prehistoric days. Where will we be in another 20 years?


8 thoughts on “Remember this sound?

  1. Remember the old search engines like Alta Vista, Ask Jeeves and Web Crawler? I wonder what happened to them. Are they and Netscape still around?
    Now outside of Google and maybe Bing for search engines, what else is there?

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    • Well, Yahoo’s still pretty popular and it’s been around a LOOOONNNG time. I think it’s the oldest popular search engine, except Internet Explorer (which I hate). I think the others still exist (except Netscape) but they are rarely used or serve different purposes than they used to. I’d have to look them up on Wikipedia to find out. I think Ask Jeeves is now just


  2. when I got my first computer it was a IBM 386,it has a whopping 8 megs of ram(memory) and a huge 20 meg hard drive , that was top of the line back then, it had a 9600 baud dial up modem and came with a black and white monitor, which you could upgrade to a green screen (no true color back then), you had to boot in DOS then start windows 3.1 , those AOL disks used to be floppy disks (before the era of cd roms) I started with AOL 2.1 ,and got free service through a little program called AOLHELL ( a less than legal program that gave you the same power as the AOL team members who would tos your ass and ban you for any infraction….that program made you immune to boots and tos and suspensions , you could also ghost a room (be invisible in the chat rooms to all other users) …. good times lol

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    • AOLHELL! I think I remember hearing about that.
      I was addicted for a time to the Telnet NUTS-based talkers and was even a “wiz” (moderator) on two of them. They didn’t run on Windows, they were DOS-based, but the beauty of it was your imagination could really run wild–in fact the talkers were originally role-playing MUDS (multi-user domains) for game playing, but evolved into chatrooms. You could make your own “room,” become invisible, spy on people (only wizzes could do that) and do all kinds of cool things but it was all DOS based. I don’t think talkers exist anymore, but I have fond memories of them. Unfortunately they were very easy to hack into and it was common for someone to “take over” a talker and ban all its users and start a new talker using the same domain. It happened all the time.
      The early Windows from the early 90s look so weird now.
      I also remember a great windows screensaver program called “After Dark”-it contains all kinds of awesome graphics, moving images and even little games you could play while your computer was inactive. My favorite was “Bad Dog”–the little dog would dig holes in your screen and poop and pee all over it, and pull out “wires” etc. It was hilarious. You can probably Youtube it to see what it was like. I also liked the flying toasters.


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