My favorite optical illusions

I’m too lazy to write a post tonight, so I’ll post some of my favorite optical illusions instead. Click the images to make them larger.  Stare at them long enough and freaky things will happen.

Optical illusion #1: Peripheral drift


Optical illusion #2: “Sponge Bob” wallpaper illusion. Just stare at this thing.


Optical illusion #3: impossible dice.  Could you build this in 3 dimensions?


Optical illusion #4:  fractal image.   Try to stare at this and not go insane.


Optical illusion #5:  Einstein or Marilyn Monroe?  To see Marilyn, stand a few feet away from your computer screen.


Optical illusion #6: disappearing circles.  Stare at the + in the center.  The disappearing circle will turn green and then all the circles will disappear.


Optical illusion #7: Tesseract (hypercube).  Stare at this thing awhile.   It’s a cube in 4 dimensions.  Try to imagine such a thing rotating like that in 3 dimensions.   Your brain might explode.


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