13 reasons why I love Halloween

Most people probably love Christmas best, but for me it’s Halloween and here’s why.

1. It’s not overcommercialized like Christmas, but commercialized just enough to be fun.

2. It doesn’t cost a lot of money

3. It doesn’t cause a lot of stress or lead to family arguments or cause depression like Christmas does.

3. Chocolate. I like to buy bags of chocolate bars meant for kids and eat ’em myself. Unfortunately I live in an area where there are no trick or treaters. No sidewalks.

4. I don’t dress up in costume anymore, but really enjoy seeing other people’s costumes. Some are very creative!

5. The weather is still pretty nice–at least where I live.

6. Candy corn! I love it.


7. Pumpkins.

8. If you’re into getting into costume, it gives you permission to be someone or something outrageous for a day and still be socially acceptable.

9. I have very pleasant memories of Halloween as a child. It’s one of the few times during the year I actually felt happy. When I was a kid it was better though–my neighborhood was safe and parents did not accompany kids over age 6 or 7. The candy bars were regular size back then–not that “fun size” they give out now, and people would go all out decorating their houses. I remember one family even had a “haunted house” in their basement every year.

10. It’s not a Satanic holiday, as some Christians think. It’s a pagan holiday celebrating the harvest, that was later adopted by the Catholic Church (All Hallows Eve) as a preliminary celebration leading to All Souls Day (November 1)

11. It has just a little bit of a “forbidden” feel about it.

12. The movie “Halloween.” I love that movie and watch it every year on Halloween.

13. Black cats.


What’s your favorite holiday, and why?

9 thoughts on “13 reasons why I love Halloween

  1. It’s my favorite too. I love the haunted houses and haunted hayrides. Also there are old abandoned institutions like prisons and hospitals that the city and townships go all out to make scary. Lots of fun stuff to do in my area.

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