Spiritual journey

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In blogging and reading other blogs, I’ve discovering that an important part of healing is rediscovering my relationship to God. These are the articles that describe my spiritual journey:

Am I an Empath?


My “Dark Night of the Soul”

Interlude: A Day Filled With Light

My Problem with Christianity

I Made a Little Deal with God Today

So Apparently God Accepted My Deal (Part One of Two)

So Apparently God Accepted My Deal (Part Two of Two)

Which Religion is the One True Religion?

The Tree

The Feels

I’m Not Ready to be Clear About This Yet, but…

Re-learning How to Cry

Wow, This is Getting Real.

This Blog is Half a Year Old Today — you’ll see why this belongs in this category after you read it. Basically it tells the story of how blogging changed my life.

I’m Finally Getting Really Excited About This

So I’m Officially Roman Catholic


6 Responses to Spiritual journey

  1. Cecelia13 says:

    I suffer from BPD too and depression and I found God, however in another religion, but this great i am so proud. Keep being strong ❤ Your blog is amazing.

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  2. jenliven says:

    I just discovered and am enjoying your blog. Nice work!
    I would encourage anyone who Quearions the nature of God and the afterlife etc. to listen to this message bu Dr. Charles Stanley. In the spirit of fairness to beleivers and the spirit of open mindedness that you write about I hope you will also it speaks to one of your primary concerns ans that of so many others about how God would have a Hell.

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  3. Anon says:

    I read a bit of your blog and it is interesting. However, I would reccomend you watch some of Jinjung’s Dharma Talks on life. Most of the Master’s teachings are not translated yet but he talks about how its not about begging to God or gods who are entities, who pitied us humans because we were ignorant for the last 3000years. He explains how if a small child keep going on his knees and begging for something, the parents would eventually ignore them. The same goes for religious entities. Help yourself live with integrity and the Universe will help you.

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  4. I was emotionally traumatized by a Sunday school teacher when I was 4 or 5. She sort of implied I was headed for Hell because I was wicked. Went for 20+ years fearing God’s wrath. Instead of leaving my church, I took to intense Bible study. In the end it paid off. I realized what that woman had taught me was a grotesque perversion of the Gospel message. Now I try to be good to please God because I love Him. I no longer live in fear of eternal condemnation.

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