People with autism do not lack empathy!

Autism and narcissism have a few things in common: First, they are both spectrum disorders. With autism, the spectrum runs from mild (Aspergers, colloquially known as “geek syndrome”) to full blown autism so severe the patient seems retarded and cannot … Continue reading

Trump’s strange behavior at G20 summit is a window into his current state of mind.

An example of narcissistic projection.  Blame others for what you are guilty of, even when there’s no proof.   Some of you may remember Trump’s overconfident, even arrogant and obnoxious alpha- male behavior at last year’s G20 summit in Germany … Continue reading

What I Know About Autism And NPD Families And You Should Too by Rick London

I really didn’t want to post another article about the dysfunctional Trump family today, but I just finished reading this and I think it’s too important to pass by. The writer of this post has autism and was raised by … Continue reading

My verbal processing problems and not getting jokes. .

Today a co-worker told me why people tend to not respect me and why they talk down to me.  I already knew the reasons why, but hearing it from another person, even when it’s not said in a mean or … Continue reading

Question #51: What if limerence is NOT a delusion?

This was a question I thought of after posting my list of 50 things I ponder about, but I want to explore this further because I’ve never heard anyone else ask this same question. Limerence is a term coined by … Continue reading

When does a narcissist cross the point of no return?

This question came up on the forums I’ve been active on. I think this question has fascinating implications but may never be answered with any degree of certainty. Where the point of no return (the point at which a narc … Continue reading

The Narcautism spectrum!

So. Why not take the idea described in my last article to even more absurd extremes. Yes, it’s the Narcautism Spectrum! This invaluable tool for study was tweeted to me by a blogger, Don “Dr.” Depresso, who was inspired to … Continue reading

How does Aspergers Syndrome differ from Non-Verbal Learning Disability (NVLD)?

I never heard of Non-Verbal Learning Disability (NVLD) until last night, when I was reading Nyssa’s Bio (on her blog Nyssa’s Hobbit Hole), where she said she suffered from NVLD, which is very similar to Aspergers Disorder but not quite … Continue reading

Not every narcissist has NPD.

As has been done with autism spectrum disorders, it’s becoming increasingly common to think of NPD as falling on a spectrum of narcissism, ranging from normal or healthy narcissism (which most of us have to some degree) all the way … Continue reading

People treat me like I’m stupid

I wonder if it’s common for people with Aspergers or high functioning autism to come across to others as lacking basic intelligence. I get that from people all the time and I hate it. In social situations, such as at … Continue reading