Attitudinal healing: a cure for NPD?

TL;DR WARNING: THIS IS A VERY LONG POST. READ IT ANYWAY. I came across a forum last night called Heal NPD, whose founder, a man named Tony Brown, was actually cured of NPD through a psychospiritual therapy called Attitudinal Healing, … Continue reading

New static page: Healing NPD

I realized I have so many articles about or that reference healing techniques for people suffering from NPD that I decided to devise an easier way for people to find these articles by creating a sort of “Table of Contents” … Continue reading

Healing Narcissism: “Stephen’s” story.

Disclaimer: I am not a licensed mental health professional and as such, have done no studies or surveys to find out if the healing regime I am going to propose here would actually work on people with NPD. I have … Continue reading

On narcissists who want to be cured.

We shouldn’t just dismiss them as hopeless until we know more. The above quote is a common sentiment among survivors of narcissistic abuse, and healthy when we are trying to go No Contact with a narcissist who has tried to … Continue reading

Another narcissist* who wants help.

Occasionally I receive emails from people with NPD who have come across this blog and want to be cured. I posted about one of them in this post; yesterday I received another from a man who is considering reparenting therapy … Continue reading