So now I’m a terrorist.



The Department of Homeland Security now wants to compile a list of all journalists, bloggers, and “media influencers.”   In particular, they’re keeping tabs on journalists, bloggers, and media influencers who oppose or criticize our Dear Leader Trump.  The DHS was created to combat terrorism, not punish people for exercising their First Amendment rights.   But in Trump’s America, journalists and bloggers who are critical of him are terrorists.  So I guess that makes me a terrorist.

Soon they’ll come knocking at my door at 4 AM and issue me an armband identifying me as a “dissident” and then ship me off in the darkness to a Trumpian concentration camp.  It’s not a matter of if but when — unless I can find a way to escape this country before that happens.  Or unless democracy survives (which is definitely possible — I refuse to stop being optimistic, as hard as it is at times).

One thing’s for sure.  I’m not going to shut up or let them win.  I’ll spit in their faces as they cart me off.   I’ve had enough of that sort of abusive crap all my life from other narcissists and sociopaths.   I’d rather die than be their bitch.

Big Brother has arrived.

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      • It occurred to me that they wouldn’t need to haul us physically away. Now that they are doing away with Net Neutrality, all they have to do is make us too hard to find and read. That which is not on the Internet does not exist.

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        • While that would work as far as silencing dissent, this kind of person sees that as merely ‘a desireable side-effect’.

          What in truth such a person wants ***most*** is the absolute power implied by life-and-death situations such as imprisonment, torture, and the like, i.e. a real-life ennactment of what O’Brien speaks of in 1984.

          If one is seen as a ***pismire*** by such people – as a gross social inferior, a lesser being, as not nearly as human as one’s self-styled ***master*** – then one has but two choices: vanish from their sight, or do ‘search and destroy’, i.e. play by their ever-changing rules, and beat them at their own games.

          Oh, there is a third option, but one then has ***no*** choice in the matter, that being ***die for their pleasure*** (as a sacrifice to Brimstone/Satan/ ‘the god of this world’).

          And yes, these people, all of them – whether they believe in such things or not – worship Satan. How? By their very actions. ” by their fruits you will know them.”

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          • I agree, and I live by that phrase every day now. “By their fruits you will know them.” It’s the most useful verse in the Bible, IMO.


      • Best? In what way?

        If these people’s behaviors are indicative of their thinking, then they only *want* one kind of person to exist in *their* world, that being proper ‘national comrades’/ Volksgenossen. Yes, I am making an explicit connection to Nsdap-version Germany here – which is also where terms like ‘useless feeders’ and ‘life unworthy of life’ come from.

        The beginning of the ***holocaust*** – Aktion T-4 – was done on those labeled as ‘useless feeders’ – who, as a rule, were not jews. (In short, the Nazis practiced upon disabled people, with ‘organized murder’ starting at the very beginning of the war, and continuing until – depending on the source – up to a month or more ***after*** V-E day, i.e. into June 1945.)

        The desire to ‘refine’ and ‘purify’ the ***aryan*** race (makes spitting noise) – was central to the establishment and continuation of the (accursed) third reich. (Pronounced ‘reek’). The hierarchy, from A-his-own-self on down, bought heavily into the myth of their own superior status – which fueled an overwhelming sense of narcissistic entitlement – and because they were the only ***true humans***, everyone else (by definition) was subhuman/a means to another’s end/an objectified tool.

        The parallel between the well-documented evil of the nsdap and our current ‘glorious leader’ are many; and therefore, that history might well inform us of that which he and his assay concealing.


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