Gang-stalking: is it real or just a conspiracy theory?


I’ve been seeing a lot lately about a phenomenon called gang-stalking (sometimes referred to as “community terrorism”).   Gang-stalking means one person is targeted by Dark Triad people (psychopaths, sociopaths and malignant narcissists and their flying monkeys, most who don’t even personally know you) for nefarious reasons that are never specified but who want you to know you are being watched.  The stalkers seem to have an uncanny, almost supernatural way of infiltrating and ruining every area of your life, even when logic would dictate some situations simply wouldn’t be possible (such as pre-emptively knowing exactly where you will be 24/7 in order to harass you).   The goal is to drive you (the “Targeted Individual,” or “TI”) insane or to suicide–or have you incarcerated in a prison or mental institution–or even killed.   Here are two articles about it.  You can Google “gang-stalking” and find hundreds more.

Here’s a well written, sometimes humorous, but VERY long, article by an individual who may have been gang-stalked (or maybe not), but at least has the ability to use critical thinking, something that seems to be in short supply in these post- 9/11 days where everyone, from the benign looking cashier at the grocery store to your kid’s teacher, becomes a potential terrorist:

I don’t know whether to believe it or not.   Of course it’s a fact that high spectrum malignant narcissists and psychopaths/sociopaths can and do recruit flying monkeys to destroy your reputation and your life.   I’ve seen it happen to others and I’ve experienced it.   But where does their power over you end?    I don’t see how it’s possible, for example, to be treated rudely in stores or given bad or dishonest service by complete strangers or how your abuser(s) would have managed to influence them ahead of time.   How would it be possible to be “black-listed” for every job you apply for if you don’t have a criminal record (unless they are somehow able to create a fake criminal background for you)?  How could they cause random people on the street to give each other knowing looks whenever you pass by, or shout abusive things at you?  How could your abuser cause you to get the “evil eye” from strangers sitting across you on a bus or deliberately have people move into the apartment over yours who blast their music and fight all night with the sole intention to cause you to suffer sleep deprivation and drive you slowly insane?

Some people suggest a demonic, supernatural influence.  They say this exists because the world is being taken over by evil and is under Satan’s dominion.   Although I’m a Christian, I can’t accept this.   I’m a skeptic by nature.    Not because I don’t want to believe it and am in denial, but because I think there are better, more scientific and reasonable explanations for the seeming increase of horrible human behavior.   Actually I don’t think things are any worse than they ever were.  I think there are just more people on the planet and there’s the Internet and mass media and the mass panic that always ensues following a breaking news story that gives rise to all sorts of conspiracy theories.

Things were actually far worse a hundred years ago than they are now.  Abuse of all kinds wasn’t publicized and called out the way it is now.  Neither was bullying.  Back then, if you were abused (or bullied), that was just your lot in life and you were just supposed to suck it up because that was your birthright as a child, a woman, or a person of color.   What we call abuse today was considered normal.   What we would throw a parent in prison for today was just “discipline” back then, and a parent had the right to treat a child however they saw fit, even beating them daily or sending them to beg on the streets.  Or sending them to work 12 hours a day in a factory, as child-labor laws didn’t exist.  No one tried to protect you from bullies either.  There were no laws against harassment, sexual or otherwise.    In the old days, if you were bullied you’d be told to “fight back” or “stop being a sissy” if you were a boy.  If sexually abused, you just didn’t talk about it because “nice” people didn’t talk about those things.    If you did try to call out someone for harassing you (and you were a woman) you’d be blamed for dressing “provocatively” or something.   It seems like there’s more bad news today because there’s just more news.    Good news doesn’t sell so you don’t hear about it as often as bad news.    I also think where there’s overpopulation, problems develop, and there are definitely too many people in the world.   Things like cyber-bullying and identity theft didn’t exist because (duh!) there was no Internet to make those things possible. But things like slavery and public hangings did exist and no one batted an eyelash.

I don’t know about gang-stalking.  It smacks of conspiracy theory to me, but I could be wrong.  I do know that evil people can and do recruit flying monkeys and can and do target certain individuals.  It happens in dysfunctional families all the time.  Scapegoating is not a myth, it’s a fact.   But the whole idea of them having so much power that EVERY sphere of your existence is influenced, that where no matter what you do or where you go or who you turn to, trouble will follow you and there is no escape and you are just screwed?  I don’t know about that.

What are your opinions about gang-stalking? Do you believe it or think it’s an overblown conspiracy theory, like the belief that Illuminati is taking over everything? *   If you know you’ve been gang-stalked, I’m not trying to say you’re just being paranoid.  I’m not saying it doesn’t exist, but I am highly skeptical.

* I’ve  come to the conclusion that all the convincing Illuminati symbolism going on in music videos, films and TV is actually a tease intended to play off our paranoia.    These industries see people freaking out about “Illuminati symbolism” and play on that, creating more of it on purpose just to get attention (and hence sell more product).


ETA:  It occurred to me that since most alleged incidents of gang-stalking appeared following the passing of the Patriot Act, which gave anyone permission to spy on and report anyone else if they suspected them of being “un-American” (this could means having left wing politics, being of Middle Eastern descent, being atheist, or just being “different” in some way), that gang-stalking could be a result of this.  I hear police departments refuse to get involved and have been instructed to ignore claims of gang-stalking.    Maybe some sociopathic or antisocial people abuse this “right” and report anyone who they dislike as being involved in “un-American” activities, and government funds are used to harass the target in order to silence them.   I do realize how conspiracy-theory-ish this sounds, but it’s a possibility.

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  1. If gang-stalking is the same as group bullying, also called mobbing, then it is real. I am being bullied and harassed by a growing group of neighbors (there are several families involved by now including many children), who have already spoken to virtually ANYONE who has come in contact with me, including service people, postmen, package delivery drivers (one of them started shouting at me when I politely declined taking in a package for a bully neighbor; packages with a “Fragile” or “Glass” label arrive broken). Also cashiers in three different supermarkets started being very rude to me without explanation! This was very strange at the beginning but soon did I realize that the mob had something to do with it as they usually go there. So I had to choose other supermarkets the mob does not know about and the people working at these new ones have been nice and friendly to me so far. Smear campaigns, harassment, property destruction, petty theft and also “strange” behavior from an electrician who did not want to come to my house. Neighbors turn their back on me when I greet them. I do not have any pet as I know that the mob will try to poison him/her. It is important that the mob knows as little as possible about the target to minimize the damage.

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    • That’s horrible. I’m so sorry this is happening to you. I don’t mean to sound like I’m poo-pooing this or saying it doesn’t happen. But I would think if it does, it must be like a mafia-type of organized crime. Do you think it was started by your family, and if so, are they wealthy and/or powerful in the community? Or do you think it was started by others who then influenced your family? I’ve heard of that happening too.

      I heard the best advice when you think you’re being gangstalked is to do nothing and just go about your business as if nothing is happening–and read as much about it and protecting yourself as you can. I’m not really sure what else there is.


      • Hi LuckyOtter,

        Thank you so much for your reply and for your empathy. I am grateful that you have written about this subject. Thank you for your post and also for the links.

        Sociopaths know how to deal with these kinds of evil tactics to destroy their targets.
        It was not started by my family, but by a neighbor, I think. Sometimes I think that my narcissistic in-laws have something to do with it but I am not completely sure as I went NC with them >15 years ago.

        Thank you very much for your valuable help. I will keep ignoring them and protecting myself and my husband.

        Back to your article, I just wanted to add something:

        “I don’t see how it’s possible, for example, to be treated rudely in stores or given bad or dishonest service by complete strangers or how your abuser(s) would have managed to influence them ahead of time. ..”

        The mob want to know as much as possible about their target to use it against her. For example, if someone belonging to the gang sees the target at a particular store or they learn from someone else that she usually goes there or they have actually seen her there, then they will contact the people at the store and smear her.

        It is very important to identify the sociopath (A) and his flying monkeys/helpers. Some helpers will be nice to the target and will talk to her (e.g. pretending they want to help her), but they are actually looking for information to pass on to A. So if the target tells one of A’s helpers that she will apply for a new job at Company X, this information will go to A. Then A, or some of his helpers, will contact company X to warn them against the target.

        “But the whole idea of them having so much power that EVERY sphere of your existence is influenced, that where no matter what you do or where you go or who you turn to, trouble will follow you and there is no escape and you are just screwed?…”

        It all goes to gathering information about the target through other people working for A. Nobody can predict the future. There is nothing supernatural in it. The key word is Information. Some possibilities (there are more than the following ones):
        a.The target must have spoken about what she wants to do to at least (1) one individual. Some targets are gullible and disclose too much about themselves. People who are in contact with A, will never be on the target’s side.
        b. The target has been seen at a particular place by A or one of his helpers.
        c. The target has been followed by A’s or one of his helpers.

        If someone who barely knows you or a complete stranger treats you badly (I am not speaking of people having a bad day. The target will notice that it is really weird what is actually happening to her) and there is no reason for it, then the target has not done anything wrong. It is highly likely that someone has smeared her.

        What the sociopath A wants is to destroy the target. There are at least 3 possibilities: 1. the target thinks she is crazy and is hospitalized, 2. the target commits suicide or 3. the target is sent to prison for a crime she has not committed.

        (English is not my first language. Please excuse any errors on my part.)

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        • Thanks for providing this inforamtion. It does sound very organized and with a lot of people being involved to watch one person. Do you think your neighbor might have reported you as a potential “terrorist threat?” Because I can totally see some sociopaths abusing the Patriot act and reporting people they don’t like as threats, even though they have done nothing. They will make something up! I think anyone can report anyone, and they don’t check into it, they just assume the person is telling the truth. It’s like the way the DSS will listen and investigate any claims of child abuse, even if it’s from an angry ex trying to “get back” at the estranged parent by starting rumors that they abuse the children. They don’t try to find out if the person is a reliable source–they just assume the truth is being told.

          That’s the only way I can see such a well -organized and far reaching smear campaign taking place, unless the neighbor is wealthy or powerful in their own right. Then I suppose they could hire all those people to smear you on their own without any “authorities” being involved.
          All I can say is it’s very strange. Just keep telling yourself you’re not going crazy, this is really happening. Is there a way you can move somewhere else?


          • Yes, you are right when you say they will make something up. They are baiting me and waiting for me to react to use it against me. They only need a proof or a witness. As they cannot have any proof to use against me, I am sure they will provoke something and use one of their flying monkeys (possibly an 11 year old with a psychopathic stare and his psycho mother) who will lie about it so I will be seen as the perpetrator.

            The bullies often organize parties they use to smear me. This is the reason why there are more and more families being turned against me over the years. And also service people who come to my house are being contacted. People believe all the lies and they end up doing the dirty work for the bullies.

            There is nothing strange with the gang-stalking behavior. It is third party abuse or abuse by proxy. It does not come out of the blue. A malignant narcissist or someone with ASPD, must have felt offended in some way and their fury was ignited. It does not mean that the victim has done something wrong to offend them, though. HG Tudor’s books Fury and Smears are very good at explaining what they do and why.

            The individual starting the smear campaign may be a jealous work colleague, an envious neighbor, a jealous family member, or someone who perceives the victim as a threat because the latter has seen something or knows something about the bully, which would compromise the bully’s image. They do not have to be necessary wealthy. In my case, I am sure there is no money involved.

            In my experience, most people seem to enjoy being part of a group and doing anything to be accepted, even if that means hurting others. IMO, people joining the gang, either directly or indirectly (e.g. watching others screaming and shouting at me, watching others damaging my property, etc. and doing nothing!) are perpetrators too. If I asked them to be my witness, I am sure they will say they have not seen anything.

            So I am outnumbered and powerless. If most people did not have a pack mentality, the bully’s tactics would be ineffective. But there is no happy end in real life.

            It is not possible for me to move because of different reasons, although I have some hope I will be able to do it sometime in the future.


            • hi, a lot of this gang mentality/stalking..seems to have everything to do with projection. they seem like theyre in a movie not real life.. and projection= ACCUSING..youre somehow guilty! that’s the energy I pick up but its all projected guilt from them so its so unnerving.. YOURE the “criminal at large/escaped fugitive” and theyre the police force! theyre the ones acting out on the side of justice.
              its insidious.. to feel the energy and play into it because some part of you (empathy part) cant help it.. scapegoats remain trapped in this for awhile..
              we are waiting for them to wake up and realize theyre wrong.. but they seem to go off of signals that fearfully they act like their life depends on!
              I feel that’s why stalkers don’t stop..
              its their LIFE if theyre wrong..
              I always feel they made some deal with someone above them… and just cant stop…
              that’s how the energy feels…
              why be helpless in being innocent and right? why not be able to say hey youre wrong doing this? they like that attention too and take that as a straight out lie…which provokes attack actually…

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            • I don’t know if you ever saw the film, “I Psychopath.” It’s a documentary film about Sam Vaknin, who you probably have heard of. There’s a part where Dr. Hare (the author of “Without Conscience” and a psychopathy expert) is talking about how psychopaths (and probably any kind of predatory individual, such as narcissists) can pick up when a person is vulnerable. Some films of people walking down a long hallway were filmed, and he said the psychopaths always got the one woman correct as to who they would attack if they could. It turned out she had been a rape victim. The scary thing is, I got that part right too! 😮


            • I have not heard of that..should I look into it or is it a trigger or upsetting..? seems to depend on my mood some days….its all intriguing like we are studying it yet at the same time happens to us.. so its quite a mix! a duality there… between victim…and outside perspective as if studying the perpetrators from the safe distance… this is why some days I can and some days I cant..

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            • To Susan,
              (It was not possible to reply to your last comment so I am doing it here)

              I like your description. Thank you!
              From your posts, I think you are a real empath. You can really feel other people’s energy and emotions, right??

              It is only me against a group of people and I have no one on my side, who could help me. I am outnumbered. They feel powerful they have succeeded in recruiting so many flying monkeys believing their lies.

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            • 😦 I am sorry , this sounds terrible. I saw your reply below too… yes I do feel too much of others energy… they seem INTENT on abuse/making me feel very bad somehow..very guilty! and I fight it.. I always feel they are projecting their own self…they seem to try to make me feel powerless by mentioning something no one could know like a psychic attack or .. mentioning the things that I HATE so much.. that I thought all people did actually but apparently not… (certain ‘sins’…) why would the things I particularly despise get mentioned to me ALL the time by strangers… ? in a way that is taunting…? then IO get told that’s my karma..and its not.. I am “drawing it to me”..what I hate I draw?
              it goes around in circles like the hot potato” no one wants to hold and it gets passed around and the scapegoat /empathetic ones usually say oh ok ill take that and this time I am not.. and THEY are scared and attacking?thats what I believe now..
              I do believe you!
              allI can say.. is.. if this helps.. it seems to be helping me.. I have suddenly become very crafty.. I do crafts non stop and I enjoy it.. it feels like me being me and not a diversion.. it brings me joy.. and makes me feel I am taking a stand too sounds cliché.. they always say “do something you enjoy” I have many houseplants that I suddenly took an interest in and within a month a DOUBLED or more than doubled all their sizes (vitamins,repotting) and that brings me pride everytime I look at them…and I am decorating.. just as I have done today., decorating…I love it..(from dollartree haha, I OWE dollartree for always getting me out of funks all week long when I need it). when I was in the very worst part of my anxiety and dark night of soul and ptsd ,crying way I would be doing crafts or anything..I just stayed in bed or sat around..
              I have had to learn to resist the “why?” why are people doing this?the old me always wanted to run into the MIDDLE of all danger to say awwww folks whats wrong? I can help!! and I got burned and abused …
              no longer do I care… no longer do I ask why… I let them go.
              I may from a distance study them as we are doing here.. we discuss these people
              but I will not go into the middle anymore of their pack.. and seem like some.. goldilocks and three bears or little red riding hood out of place “prey” for them…NOR will I do that to myself to seem “wise to them” to the degree they think they can say “aha aha” she is WISE to us she KNOWS our evil so we can call her one of us.. (nice try) I reject that too.. ive seen that attitude too.
              I will maintain innocence
              without lying
              they mistook empathy for “knowledge of evil”
              that’s why they need a good shake off…

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            • To Susan,

              Thank you for kind reply. You are the first empath I have known. Interacting with sociopaths in general is exhausting for me. I cannot say I feel their energy.

              Thank you very much for your help. There is a store like Dollar Tree next to the supermarket I usually go to. I will have a look if I find something interesting. Until now I have bought scented candles (vanilla, strawberry). They soothe me and help me relax, especially when the bullies are screaming outside.
              It is amazing that your houseplants doubled their size with vitamins and repotting in just one month! You really have green fingers 🙂

              You hit the nail on the head that sociopaths see that we KNOW they are not like everyone else, that they are really evil. I have spoken about it but I was not believed as most people cannot see through the sociopath’s facade. I have always thought others could see the same as I do but I was wrong. I used to speak up and put myself in danger. I was not aware of this. But I have learnt to choose my battles now and I do not engage. However, even if I try they do not notice it (that I know they are malignant narcissists or sociopaths), it does not always work. Maybe it is my body language. I ask myself, why they are so obsessed with me, why do they hate me so much —when nothing really ever happened—? They hate me just as my narcissistic mother used to hate me and project all her negative feelings onto me.

              One of the malignant narcissists making my life miserable is one of the neighbors next door. She is obsessed with me, although nothing ever happened between us. She is the one who plotted my social destruction. She gives me “The STARE” every time she sees me. I do not look at her but it still feels as if she was cutting me with a knife. I can feel her wrath. Chilling…

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            • Lauren, you are right, she is preying on me. Staying away from her is what I have been doing all these years but she lives next door and it has gotten worse over the years. When driving the car into or out of the garage, she is often there with her intense psycho gaze! I avoid any kind of eye contact with her. Ignoring sociopaths have always worked (they leave me alone), but unfortunately not with her 😦

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          • I have seen the documentary “I Psychopath” too. It was about the way women walk. If I am not wrong, they said that potential rape victims displayed less synchronous movements between arms and legs.
            Gavin de Becker’s book “The Gift of Fear” is very good and helpful (risk/danger assessment).

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  2. It reminds me of what a narc family does to their scapegoat but instead of doing it themselves, they pay these gangstalkers to do it for them. Apparently these gang stalkers gain entry into the victims home and tap phones, hack computers, drug them. I heard a story once where a woman came home and found her furniture was re-arranged but nothing was missing or stolen. So if she calls the police they’ll see no signs of breaking and entering, no report of anything missing, so instead she gets admitted to a psych ward. So, if she installs cameras to try and prove it, then she’s considered paranoid. She can’t win and it goes on and on. I’ve read stories where people are being given opposite gender hormones, but, who wants to believe that? It’s designed to destroy someone’s credibility, make them sound or act or look crazy. This reminds me of what has been on the news, people reporting seeing people in clown costumes on the sidewalks and streets. But the difference is here that many different people saw this clown, so there is more than one report. It’s more provable.

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    • Right, there isn’t any way to prove it. It may be gaslighting done on the community level, but the abusing family would have to have a LOT of money and/or power in order to be able to afford to pay so many strangers to gangstalk the intended victim. I’ve also heard that some targets have moved clear across country or even to another country and still can’t escape it. It seems these gangstalkers must have some vast worldwide network, like the Mafia. Maybe it really happens in some powerful or wealthy families, idk, but I doubt the average dysfunctional family could afford to resort to such tactics. If it does happen though, it would be crazymaking in the extreme not to mention unbelievably evil.

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      • I saw a You tube video on it that said these gangstalkers are paid $1/hour but I only saw that one video. Also, a source said criminals do the job and even homeless people. I’m guessing they organize through technology.

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        • A DOLLAR an hour? Some people will do anything for a buck. 🙄
          I was thinking about this more, and just added something new to my post. I think it might have something to do with sociopathic people abusing the Patriot Act and reporting people they simply dislike as being potential terrorists and government money is used to spy on and harass them. I know that sounds REALLY paranoid, but it’s a thought….

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    • “I heard a story once where a woman came home and found her furniture was re-arranged but nothing was missing or stolen. So if she calls the police they’ll see no signs of breaking and entering, no report of anything missing…”

      Similar cases were published in a local newspaper and included some photos. It is an intimidation tactic.

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      • That is very strange. I can see how a series of bizarre incidents like this could cause you to feel like you’re going insane . Definitely very intimidating!


    • I believe it because ive seen depths of evil.. so I have to.. and once I read about MK ultra.. that was it for me.. id believe anything after that…
      mk ultra to me falls in line with aliens coldly performing experiments on humans and those who do tests on innocent animals
      anyone who cant defend themselves.. and just to see the reaction and record it coldly in a log book…
      hindus are upset if they hurt a bug and realize all life are sentient beings.. and these beings are the opposite of that…
      in a world of mass animal consumption I have to say…
      we are all in this mix…
      don’t want to get into a debate though about that.. (food) just saying many are waking up.. in that regard..when what we say and feel doesn’t MATCH what we do there may be repurcussions?
      I love that ..cow I love that chicken that goat etc.. after seeing it playing on the farm… “id never hurt him awwww”
      then we all do everyday
      there is something in that…. I keep correlating the mk ultra.. mind abuse/control with our animal consumption
      I am frightened
      maybe I feel guilty or confused
      from bible verses on it as well… (animals as people it says,cows,sheep,ewe(Rachel),lamb loved as a daughter”(Bathsheba)Jesus…”holiness to the lamb” He says
      but he says “you must eat me…to have life…”
      utterly confused
      “rise up and eat the flesh of captains kings mighty men great and small” etc..He was a human… talking as a lamb he says that must be eaten
      many keep reporting aliens…mutilating… cows!
      hindus say cow is “mother of all mankind” bible says daughter zion with “horns and hooves” is mother of all the world too…
      David “slaughtered and fed to passing guests” a “lamb that was loved as a daughter alongside a mans own children..”
      didn’t know id veer this way…but………….compassion for all….. is at the heart of thismessage and humans as consumed animals is a biblical theme and these beings have no compassion.. they are taught..its ok… to do this… what would a beloved surviving pet animal that is consumed by people feel like? if it lived to talk about it as bible seems to keep saying?
      “wrath of the lamb”

      it has feelings
      this is no surprise
      so do we
      and we are human/animals.. we have dogs and cats we’d die for that other people stick in cages and eat.. what would that do to the soul and mind and heart?

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      • Hi Susan, This all makes me wonder about a bug I flushed down the toilet the other day, it was a many legged thing, but, maybe that was wrong to do. I do believe and have some knowledge of the depths of evil you talk about. I heard a story where this guy fed his girlfriend dinner, she ate it, and then he told her it was her cat. I cant stand this, but its possible unfortunately.

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        • I know this wasn’t directed to me, but I doubt flushing a bug down the toilet is wrong. I would have done the same thing! If killing bugs is wrong, then I’m going to hell for sure!

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          • It was a creepy crawler Lucky, I didn’t count lol, but probably a ten thousand legged thing. I was tired and couldnt deal with catching it. Are bugs sentient beings or not? Do we know? Maybe thats where I draw the line then. Like a lobster has no brain, they work on reflex so I wouldnt feel guilty eating one, cooked that is. I think animals are sentient though and thats why there are vegetarians. What a convo has branched off of your gangstalking post.

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          • lol I killing bugs daily here..they are causing me severe distress and fear! there are animal beings the bible seems to suggest and also without the bible.. we as people love and adore as emotional sentient beings.. pets that show emotion and love,pain and are under our care.. and that’s also as heart wrenching as losing a child.. (bible says literally was “as” a child)”she (the pet lamb) ate at his table with his own children” etc.. so its a thought I have often..somehow the Spirit is telling me this is important..also some humans are now upset and raging that some humans seem to care more for their dog or cat than them.. I feel they need help/are narcissistic..or simply desire the love of a stranger.. who simply loves their dog or cat.. and has never met you!
            some say they are on purpose abusing peoples dogs and cats (I shudder and am sick over this) because they feel this stranger loves the dog or cat more than them..when again.. they are a stranger! I fear these people so very much who are strangers yet expect some kind of love..from you without an introduction and without behaving in any manner that would invoke love! abuse as your very first introduction will not result in love! and being human is not an auto love outpouring onto strangers who DEMAND it… its all too much.
            I used to be open minded on this discussion.. but now I feel no love for the stranger who shows up as his first introduction to me abusing me saying “oh you love your cat more than me, ill abuse you and your pet” I must say I DO love my cat more than that stranger…
            its them who clearly does not love…
            or respect love.. for that matter there are sociopaths who hate seeing happy loving homes
            why do they feel.. someone else’s parents are their parents? I am so fearful of these people.
            I never thought they existed really,but they actually do.
            I (unable to reply individually to posts) want to say thank you to Lucky Otter I didn’t even think I was strong!? im always always trembling.. but its just that im honest..i wont lie about anything.. gets me in danger sure…
            and I feel same as Lisa..these things have happened to me and I get that death chilling stare from people too.. and like she said with the ?mark.. “I didn’t so anything.. that I know of..”? its that feeling!! people are acting so intensely that we did something with that death state id almost think I did and forgot.. or worse yet some sort of time gap issue and I WILL and just haven’t yet but I can tell you if I do/..they drove me to it.. by time hopping and CAUSING it then cuz this makes no sense.
            so to stay sane I keep telling myself its either mistaken identity and people shouldn’t be playing with sorcery and time travel.. to blame you for something they then go and cause due to the time travel and what not..? in effect by recognizing this as an empath I either undo and WONT EVER DO the thing im being accused of..
            at the same time as all the evil death stares and looks and verbal onslaughts by strangers, I am also getting (although much fewer) random excited happy “thank you’s” by strangers.. which I am equally as clueless about and feel guilty accepting a thank you for what I have never done nor thought of..not yet? or will..or wont and then feel really bad then too
            its a mess
            too many strangers are saying thank you to me
            I feel like I am in an episode of the outer limits or twilight zone
            I want to earn that thank you!
            ? but its like some are saying thank you and some seem like they hate you so it seems I chose sides then.. some are happy some are betrayed? cant please all?
            I have no clue…..
            will all this treatment during cluelessness CAUSE the end result? that’s so ironic and sci-fi like…
            who could ever wrap the mind around that? I feel its evil or sorcery to even get involved or contemplate it but they clearly involved me.. ignoring it hasnt made it go away yet
            they seem to hate the clueless thing a LOT,but we truly are!
            a man I was friends with for a long while suddenly said the spirit told him I am lying about my abuse… and that i WANTED to “draw him into my fantasies” (I was in such shock and hurt i was bawling for 2 days)another close friend also said to me one day “maybe you were lying about all of that”
            this doesnt make any sense to me at all.
            so the good I take same as the bad.. the thank you’s and the death stares are all the same cluelessness to me
            “shall we not take good as well as evil from the hand of the Lord” the prophet says to jeremiah while telling her to just take her punishment by a cruel enemy and will “understand later” (lamentations 2-3)
            I always fight that verse with.. no I wont take bad with the good..thats the “maddening mixed wine causes us to stagger to and fro..” etc…”the sorceress gave her maddening mixed wine to all nations”
            its good and bad that does NOT “go together” its “confusion” (Babylon means confusion)
            no other way for me to explain it but a time gap…or we forgot something…?
            “though she forget yet I will not forget you”
            “your own mother and father forget you”
            “I will make her forget”
            I cant tell if any of this is even true or all emotional manipulation to make us believe lies…
            as Lisa said “what did I do? ” I ask it in the same manner.. with that question mark, as she said like..did I do anything? that’s dangerous and makes them flock to us strange!!!!


            • Cats and dogs are worthy of being loved more than other people, because they don’t judge or try to control us. Anyone who would abuse an animal because they’re “jealous” the animal gets more attention than they do is one sick PUPPY.


        • you absolutely must google mk ultra especially since so many of your posts already address the very issue!! it goes deep.. its intentional mental abuse… to see the result.. they say they would earn a childs trust for example.. as part of the experiment…make that child alove respect and adore you and feel safe around you then one day you just abruptly and on purpose abuse that child.. its sick but its been done and is being done.. how can that be human?
          I am frightened to now see it in the bible over and over
          “daughter zion my beautiful and delicate daughter, I WILL DESTROY YOU” it literally has that as one sentence..and tellsher just take it…
          it literally says over and over she gets a SUDDEN attack from a state of pure peace and always says its sudden and in an instant..
          “when we expected peace ,total destruction came”
          the shame for YOUR NAME fell upon US (scapegoating?)
          I will pour out all wrath on her..and then sing songs over her
          (confuse much?)
          “I will make all nations hate her burn her with fire..remove her nose and ears…..and then I will,”make her forget” and she will go out all happy and singing again”(what happens when she gets the side by side replay of that!!?? she will pass out)
          its in the forgetting that we can take abuse again,our “supply” will be full again…
          we are being used
          I have ptsd because my ex mentioned these verses to me whilst putting me through it
          can you imagine>????
          he came attacking me with the bible ..literally..when the cops were arresting him.. while the knife was still on him ,and them handcuffing him…he was like “susan get my bible get my bible”
          look I always was religious and studying the bible my whole life(and he knew that and used it) but why is the narration word for word? and why all these strangers also mentioning it?
          why is daughter zion all throughout it,such a PECULIAR storyline of abuse and scapegoating of her…
          story got THROUGH
          we got on the pages!
          our truth
          I still don’t know but its happening and the storyline has jumped off the pages a little bit too much and caused me trembling..
          as for daughter zion
          “they seek your life” your former friends all hate you… now..
          I just say well be truthful and stop playing with them then… we are not avatars for some ..I dunno what is…
          we have real feelings that cant be played with……
          Jeremiah 6:2………….is there maybe a benefit in this destruction? during a fragile time? says many will “feed” on her after that……and its agonizing for her……..

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  3. Very weird. I don’t know what to think. But I do believe that nothing can separate me from the love of God. He is my rock and my comfort in times of trouble.

    I agree with what you said about times being worse in the past. Just consider what the Nazis did in WW2. Pure evil, and it was very widespread.

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  4. Lauren there are really evil people on this earth, they are just apart of Gods goodness and will always do evil. Evil in mature. i believe there are good forces and bad forces. Those who gangstalk are evil come together. very scary.

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  5. I can see this scenerio taking place in a small town. Did you ever see the movie, “The Children’s Hour?” One malicious little girl starts a rumor that she saw the two women who run the private boarding school she’s in kissing. The girl’s grandmother, a wealthy and influential woman becomes the girl’s flying monkey. She spreads the story all over. Soon, all the parents are taking their girls out of the school. The delivery man who brings their groceries makes excuses not to make deliveries, everyone in town treats them like freaks. It’s easy to see this dynamic operating in a small town where so many people know each other. I can’t believe such random meanness could happen in a larger city. Such a place is much too complex for a group of mean-spirited people to have that far-reaching an influence. Lisa, do you live in a small town? If so, the use of some highly stigmatized slander (as in the above case, lesbianism) could turn random people against you. Say, I just remembered another movie, “We Need to Talk About Kevin.” A teenage boy kills a lot of people, mostly fellow students in his high school and goes to prison. The mother is scapegoated terribly by the townspeople, some of whom lost loved ones in Kevin’s rampage. They deface her house, one physically assaults her on the street. This kind of hate is all-too-possible. I would ask everyone to remember, too, that psychopathy is also stigmatized. These web sites that tell people how to “spot” a psychopath concern me.

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    • You know what the problem is these days, we have the Internet, and I think that helps the rumor spreading to go further and be more powerful. And you’re right, psychopathy is stigmatized, I am a little guilty of it myself. I think psychopathy might be a way of thinking, there are good psychopaths as well. Just because there is no conscience doesn’t mean the person will act on any evil thought they might or might not have. Thank you for posting that reminder, I needed it:)

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    • Hi nowve666,
      Yes, I live in a small town. Actually I come from a big city but I could never imagine that people here could be so mean and deprived of empathy. It seems that taking care of my husband who needs care round the clock and having no support network makes me an easy prey for sociopaths, mainly NPDs and ASPDs. It all started with a neighbor (a malignant narcissist Queen Bee) who seems to hate me and to this day I do not why, as she barely knows me and nothing has really happened between us or among other people. She was able to convince all other neighbors, including children, to bully and harass me. They do it on a daily basis. I have done nothing to others and would not have the time if I wanted to as I am peaceful and avoid conflict. I have heard two flying monkeys telling others that I was crazy. But it must be something more than that. Children scream when they see me. I am well aware that some of the violent men living near me would hurt me physically, if they had the chance to do it. My husband’s health has deteriorated a lot in the past years because of all this and I feel guilty. The biggest issue is that it is not easy to build a support network as the caregiving takes my whole time and there are no meetup groups near me. When I was in tears and talked to my husband’s GP about this issue, she showed contempt and said I must have done something to others if they treat me badly. Never have I imagined that a small town could be such a big hell.
      Thank you for mentioning those films. I have not seen any of them yet.

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    • I saw both those films. I was very impressed and disturbed by “We Need to Talk About Kevin.” In fact, I wrote a review about it some time ago. The boy in the movie and book (which was even better than the movie) is clearly a psychopath or sociopath — seems to have ASPD rather than narcissism, though he is very narcissistic. What was interesting was it raised the question of whether the boy’s disorder was something he was born with (psychopathy) o whether his mother unknowingly caused it in him due to her ambivalence about being a parent and not particularly liking that child (if he wasn’t born that way, then it was sociopathy instead). But you could see it in him very early — some of the scenes of the STARE he gave her and the way he was able to manipulate her at a very young age were chilling. You knew something wasn’t right with that kid.

      The mother definitely was ostracized by the whole town, but I suppose if your son does something like that, it’s human nature for people to react that way (even though it’s incredibly unfair) — so it was wasn’t a set up like a gang-stalking would be. People were just angry and took it out on her.

      This all being said, I’m well aware not all psychopaths are like Kevin. Not all are antisocial like he was. But the lack of emotion and conscience makes it easier for them to be that way if they are so inclined.


  6. Interesting things to contemplate. I’m a little torn on the whole thing, because I am one of those nexuses of bad luck that follows around like a black cloud; most of the time I write it off as “s*** happens,” shrug and do the best I can to toddle along. When I hear about these sort of scenarios from others, I tend to assume it falls under the same umbrella. Most of the time.

    That being said, one thing that does need to be taken into account is the size and structure of the community. I come from a place with 30,000 people, that is very much run by a good ol’ boys club. The old and wealthy have been playing “scratch my back, I’ll scratch yours” there for decades. Made the mistake of crossing one of them – and being very public and vocal about it – and spent years crawling out from under the BS that got dumped on me. Funny how often you get pulled over, how many jobs will suddenly evaporate and how many times animal control appears on your doorstep with fascinating allegations when your former boss (who was caught embezzling but got away with it, and is the one you had critical comments on), the mayor and sheriff (who are his drinking buddies and who had loaned money to the individual in the past to cover certain issues) and their respective wives (who work in HR departments for the primary employers in that area) have a thing against you. Never seemed to cause a change in random cashiers, and employers and businesses who weren’t “plugged in” to the local network caused no trouble, however… and once one escaped from that locale, poof, no more of that issue.

    TL;DR There probably is some amount of gang-stalking, related to your location, your actions and who you’ve managed to irritate. But the gaslit mentality that makes it seem like “everyone” is against you? Strongly suspect that’s exaggeration or paranoia. Just my opinion, though.

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  7. ive SEEN mob mentality catch through a crowd like wildfire.. where the mob neededa target for their belief at that moment! people who never met could all stand in agreement instantly! ive seen it over race religion politics sexism and other things too… even beauty standards! I believe we have a control center (serpent controlled they say so maybe it means our “reptilean brain” as they call it.. ) that receives signals all from one source.. and ebbs and flows.. this is how we can predict fashion trends and buying trends and what is political science is based off of..since we all know that sort of thing exists then stalking seems possible and bullying etc ..ive seen shows interviewing people who swear it was happening to them , and their friends and families called them ex swore it all the time.. and I figured he was mentally ill…… and he was… but still.. somewhere in our brains we feel this CAN happen.
    this is funny I am seeing this now because everytime I go walking to my shopping center I am already scared some man will flirt with me because I have ptsd over it and it always seems to happen.. (and it did) I consider it harassment not flirting.. (I sense their energy)
    so anyway.. it was my hubbys birthday and I was specifically going to the store to buy his cake and dinner and balloon etc
    and as I was walking.. a man in front of me saw me.. he was silent.. before that but when he saw me he started humming happy birthday for the entire walk.. I couldn’t wait to pass him
    and I was kike wow I am sure paranoid!
    yet it irked me because I sense “energy” he had the SAME energy that many have when theyre just plain ANNOYING
    I was the only person in earshot.. and he had that non chalant swagger , well I cant explain it.. it wasn’t someone being joyful that’s alli can say for sure
    so although id surely brush it out of my head for sanity’s sake and because such a thing cant be proven nor would i ever want to! I was personally irked by it..privacy is of utmost importance and the idea that things like psychic intrusions/internet stalking.. and mk ultra etc exists.. is too much.. that’s pure intentional harassment and I see no power in knowing what someone is doing anyway!
    say IF hypothetically… I knew it was your birthday..and I go walking behind you humming it in an annoying manner
    I am a total loser and there is no power in that anyway. that’s boring!
    I have too many incidences of this though that if I listed them id seem crazy..and I try not to talk about them… nothing like the humming thing which is my own imagination.. but people actually SAYING things to me… and I brush it off…but point is , energy wise,.the people who have said things to me INTENDED for it to get under my skin and irk me… that part was clear. id never do that to anyone.
    and I do consider it a childish attack.
    I had co workers try to “rape” my brain!! by mentioning things.. no one could know..and its the energy.. its so evil… its not concerning or caring.. its like vipers! the internet is full of explanations and many with same experiences… it has made my ptsd SKY HIGH..its what sent it over the edge before… I was getting emails… saying things.personal and about psychic attacks…. just too much!


  8. Maybe something like this can happen in a very small town but have some faith that not everyone is so easily manipulatedo to believe what others tell us. Some of us still draw our own conclusions and still stand up for what we believe. Even if we stand alone. In other words I don’t think it’s a Myth but it is not as powerful as claims might make you believe

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  9. Something similar to gang-stalking commonly happens to autistic people.

    The chief difference between the supposed fable (is it?) and the reality is the appearance of central planning and the actuality. (It looks centrally planned, but most ‘serious bullies’ simply don’t have the needed funds and connections to pull off a truly all-inclusive assault. That said, what they often ***can*** do is amply troubling).

    The way I suspect a lot of mobbing works is that there are one or more ringleaders and a swarm of similarly-minded syncophants. Since the syncophants aren’t being paid ‘criminal rates’ (if they’re paid at all), most are not going to risk much more than they usually would when ‘going after’their more-usual prey. (If you want full-time thuggery, you’ve got to pay enough so your pet thug stays YOUR thug…)

    The ringleader(s) may well derive sufficient reward from ‘social predation’ that he/she may well ignore anything short of an effectual response on the part of the prey (e.g., ‘two in the chest, and one in the head – that’s what a true-witch needs to STAY dead’). Most syncophants aren’t going to be *that* committed.

    Finally, the innaction of those ‘not involved’ ( who actually are; their innaction spurs the efforts of the mob) can make it seem like the entire system has become united in a singularly-predatory goal. While this *is* at some level true, that united front is usually an unconscious one – and THAT is what give the ring of truth to claims of gang-stalking.

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