I feel a little melancholy today.

Credit: Luke Chueh: “Feeling Blue”

The only bad thing about vacations is having to return to reality.  I leave for home early tomorrow and will be driving all day.   I like the road trip, but I still feel a little sad that I have to go, and then return to work on Monday.   😦

I *could* stay until Sunday morning and drive home then, but returning home late and then having to be up for work the next day would shock my system too much.  I need Sunday to just relax at home, catch up on things, and ease into the work work.

I’ll enjoy today anyway (we leave for lunch in a little bit), but it’s still hard.


8 thoughts on “I feel a little melancholy today.

  1. That’s totally understandable, but, on the way back home you will be recalling all the fun you had, and will return home with a fresh perspective. It won’t be so bad, it will be better than it was:)

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  2. On a good note you were visiting at the right time and missed (most) of the rain that we will see this weekend and perhaps beyond. Drive safe!

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  3. I’ve always thought, the worst goodbyes were those you have nothing to say goodbye to but sadness and no one that noticed you left. Survivors of narcissists have experience this far too often. I’ve said a few goodbyes like that, crossed state lines waving at nothing and no one as I departed. I’m glad it was such a good time that you are sad to leave. In a city a long road trip away is a memory of someone that wanted you to come and was sad to see you go. It is a priceless thing None of the narcs could ever take that away from you so you have triumphed

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    • You are so right. Those empty goodbyes are the worst of all because you don’t even have happy memories to bring back with you. I feel very grateful and blessed I had this wonderful week. I could count these kind of memories in the single digits. Some people never get to experience them at all, which is truly tragic.

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