Gulf of Mexico sunset.

After eating out at a local and cheap Vietnamese restaurant (I never had Vietnamese food before), we drove out to Reese Park, in Port Richey.   The water was at low tide, so there were sandbars and you could walk out onto wet sand where the water had been at high tide earlier.  The water was nearly still.   The pictures just don’t do the incredible view justice at all.   I was amazed by its beauty.  I felt  so serene and calm there, that it’s hard to believe many of the most violent hurricanes in the western hemisphere get their start right here over this body of water.  We are almost at the peak of hurricane season, but according to the weather forecasts, it doesn’t look like anything’s developing out over the Gulf.

After the sun set, we went out to Coldstone Creamery (I had a $10 gift card) and then back to the apartment complex for a lovely evening swim in the pool.












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    • It really is. My son has to work tonight so will be sleeping in today. I’m just going to drive around and probably come back to this place with my folding chair and a book and just be with nature.


  1. So what did you think about your first taste of Vietnamese food? Gulf Coast FL are known for their sunsets but I think the sunrises on my coast are just ad pretty!

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    • I love to watch the sunsets over the Atlantic when I was in Myrtle Beach and when I used to live near the Jersey Shore.
      Vietnamese food is interesting–it’s a little like chinese food but the flavor is different, more spicy I think. I think it would take some getting used to. I wasn’t too adventurous — I ordered the lemon grass chicken, which was quite good.

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