Lightning Rod

Interesting thoughts here about Taylor Swift, probably the biggest megastar he music world has ever seen. I have to confess a liking for her music. I’ve always liked her music. Taylor isn’t the best singer but I rather like the wobbly vulnerability of her vocals and no one can write catchier songs. For several years (when she was a “country” artist) she came across as this sweet, innocent victim-type of girl, a girl moms didn’t mind taking their 12 year old daughters to see. But I always suspected something a little off about Taylor–that she wasn’t quite what she seemed. Is Taylor a psychopath or is she just a narcissist? I think a little of both.

Whatever she is, who would have grokked that this virginal girl next door who sings songs about love gone wrong was really a card carrying member of The Dark Triad? But that’s what psychopaths and narcissists are best at: putting on masks.


Taylor Swift

everyone’s favorite fantasy…

blank_spaceWhen I was a teen, I made some gay friends. We would watch TV together and this one was gay and that one was gay. Celebrities are almost always a repository in which to dump our own “stuff.” But nobody seems to fulfill that role better than Taylor Swift. According to various opinions, she is a really nice, unpretentious gal whose talent made famous, a danger to the morale of the country, a psychopath or a member of (victim of?) the Illuminati.

Taylor Swift, the Psychopath

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  1. I like many of Taylor’s songs too, not all, that Shake It Off song gets on my nerves to be honest. But overall, I do enjoy her music. There’s more talented singers, in my opinion, and yet there’s something about her music I just enjoy.

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    • Me too. I didn’t think pop would work for her, but it does. If she is a psychopath, she seems a lot more psychopathic than she used to be, as if now her true colors are coming out. There’s that coldness in her eyes too. She treats herself as a brand, much like Madonna did, always reinventing herself. This has been the secret to her success.

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      • Being adaptable to the changing world of music is a good thing for an artist. 😉 I did enjoy her more as a country artist, but I agree pop seems to suit her well also. I don’t know that I’d like her as a person, but I do turn up many of her songs when they come on the radio.

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          • Let me watch it (video) and tell you..
            I saw the eyes is because my 15 yr old daughter is fan number one and has poster where the eyes gave me a restless unconfrotable feeling.. And now I will aso read about triad.. I saw that in tweeter and wondered what that was..
            Coming back to you in 10 min 😃

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          • I watched the videos and to me it could be not. You belong with me, but you belong to me.. How we have learned in school. 😉😉 and I read about the dark triad…. Really really creepy … OMG .. Cant imagine meeting someone like that.. Such a person must be very damaging.. I would not go so far to think she is a dark triad but you mever know.. Masks cam be Beautiful and charming and you dont know what lies below..

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            • No, you don’t. As you know, HG talks about the Lesser, Midrange, and Greater narcissist. A Greater narcissist would be more psychopathic and calculating, much better at masking and fooling others, and also more charismatic. Very malignant. People like Taylor Swift, if she’s a narcissist, are of the Greater type. The Dark Triad stuff is very creepy indeed.

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            • Yes when I look back and I see the manipulative ways… And they excell totally at doing.. Can blind someone years.. This ones dont change I think.. They just learn to wear the mask almost permanently.

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      • wow I have noticed something off lately about her too.. I never said anything, just something I couldn’t put my finger on.. something not good though…I usually let young people alone thinking they’ll grow up/out of it etc…I supposed she seemed arrogant/full of herself.. and cold yes…and also yet another gone in that sexpot mindless zombie direction… I dunno…

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  2. Very interesting. I’m still stuck on the ’80s hair bands, call me old fashioned, oh yeah I like NarCissistic Mary too:) Taylor Swifts music I know is good but it just isn’t my thing. I have noticed her eyes though, I always have, but, didn’t realize just what it was until I read it here.

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    • They are like Sharks’ eyes. I agree, NarCissistic Mary is really good — she presents herself all bad girl but she’s really a great person–and definitely NOT a narc! I hope to post more of her music soon. 🙂

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