Scapegoat child of a narcissist.


2 thoughts on “Scapegoat child of a narcissist.

  1. CheriSunday please add me on Facebook. I can totally relate to the journey you’ve been on. And the puzzle pieces thing. What God has taught you through these relationships with narcissist. It’s amazing to read how God reveals things at just the right moment. I so know exactly what you mean. Yet I still not not quite sure why exactly. The whole puzzle hasn’t been revealed yet. Eager to correspond. Via messenger or whatever you prefer.
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    • Hi Tammy, is this directed at me or someone else? There are two people on Facebook with your name, one in Dallas, and one in Clarkesville, GA. Which one? If this is not directed at me, my apologies. If you’d like to follow my FB page for this blog, just click on the Facebook box in the sidebar. Or follow me on Twitter if you like.


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