Can you see my ads?

I’m having a problem, which I’ve contacted WordPress’ Wordads program about, but it will take a few days for a reply.    My ads aren’t showing, except for the banner ad up on top.  I checked my settings, and nothing was inadvertently changed.   My ads are supposed to be in three places:  as a banner up on top, in the sidebar, and under the first post.   But the sidebar and embedded ads are showing up blank!   I don’t have ad blocker either.

If you’re reading this and you don’t have ad blocker, can you please let me know in the comments if the ads are showing up?  Not just the banner ad, but also in the other two places.    I know it’s a weird question, but if the ads really aren’t there, that lowers my impressions, which affects the very small income I make from this blog.   I appreciate your help.

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