Monday Melody: Wild Wild Life (Talking Heads)

Back in the day (late 70s and most of the 1980s), the Talking Heads were among my favorite new wave bands.    “Wild Wild Life” was one of those songs (“Psycho Killer” was another)  that I couldn’t get enough of.  I first heard it in David Byrne’s independent film project, “True Stories” in 1986 and went out and bought the album of the same name.  I kept playing “Wild Life” on repeat until I had to purchase a new copy of the album.  My copy was on vinyl–CDs were new on the market but hadn’t overtaken LP sales yet.

At the time I was a young newlywed and I still thought I’d married a good man.   My new husband hadn’t started showing his true colors yet (or I just didn’t see or chose not to see the red flags).    I remember being incredibly flattered because he often compared my looks with Tina Weymouth, the bassist for the band (and in fact, in those days I did resemble her).

So without further ado, here’s my 1986 earworm.  Yes, that is a young John Goodman (of Roseanne fame) in the video–he appeared in the David Byrne film and some movie scenes are in this video.



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  1. love talking heads!! this song and video! such a part of my experience as well. I noticed how the 80s videos seem geered towards kids it seems compared to today lol
    like a funhouse type of thing.. or strange like peewee herman but still kid like!
    remember magic by the cars?
    most of the videos were kid friendly..
    talking heads wow.. I miss this so much.. the weirder the better…

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    • OMG, I love the Cars! I don’t think I’ve had a Cars song as a Monday melody yet-maybe next week! Yes, I agree lots of ’80s videos were both fun and weird at the same time. I actually used to watch Peewee Herman too (even though I wasn’t a kid and didn’t have any yet, lol)


      • yes she is still rockin! I saw her young and now pics! and you look like her. its nice to look like someone famous.. especially someone so cool like that….
        people have told me so and so different people but I don’t see it…
        but my hair is always either blonde,red or brown.. it changes my look so face is so non descript… one of those haha
        I always wished I had distinctive features like her/you.. squareish face..cheekbones..shape!
        lol so funny.. I am so jealous of women that have a “widow’s peak”hairline,forehead hair point… like brooke shields…
        and ummm… I literally just went ahead and shaved one into my hairline ahah and it looks soo good! I did it very natural…couple days ago. im lovin it.
        well I get my fix anyway;)

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        • You gave yourself a widow’s peak? Awesome! I bet it looks really cute. I love widows peaks. My son has one, it was the first thing I noticed about him when he was born, haha. Especially since I have no idea where it came from.


          • awww!!
            on men its so handsome!!
            seems most of the 50’s big movie starlets had it! I love how they shaped their bangs into waves to show it off..(Marilyn Monroe has it)
            I simply shaved on either side of it leaving the point and I did it perfectly!!

            I just don’t have the square jaw line
            high chiseled cheekbones
            to go with it LOL
            I have a big nose long oval face and no cheekbones.. doesn’t really match a widows peak but I don’t care 🙂 im lovin it

            they all seem to have those features along with it
            I notice it too in dc comics or marvel… its a sign of strength I guess!
            wonder woman,supergirl.. all of them in comic strips..
            I drew one with an eyeliner first to test how itd look on me,but my shaved one is much better.
            wish it was real: )
            ill get stubble every two days LOL

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    • I know.. I couldn’t then help but to remember Talking Heads other eclectic videos like “and she was”
      lately ive been listening to nu shooz” I cant wait” and” past the point of no return..” those two songs I decided on for room cleaning/organizing lol.. similar video style to “and she was” lots of things moving around… for back then.. these were the technologically advanced videos….
      I don’t like the ones of today ,more advanced..yet boring,. I zone out.. maybe because we know it wasn’t that hard to make them?
      love me some peter Gabriel too “sledge hammer”
      still visually appealing and stimulating..i am forever married to and in love with the 80s!
      I am practically convinced that “the gods” channel US astrally just for the 80s lol
      I feel it:)

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      • In my opinion, the ’80s and early ’90s were the best time for music. Even though I probably should like ’70s more because that’s when I was in my teens, I like it less overall (though there were some great bands and songs then too). The ’60s trumps the ’70s, IMO.
        Aftr 1997 or so, it was all downhill (though there have been some great songs since then, they’re few and far between). EDM is okay, but it’s completely different than the rock and rock-pop I’m used to.


        • Fleetwood mac and alan parson project (eye in the sky ,I love it), neil diamond.. were played around the house when I was a kid in the 70’s.. I love Fleetwood mac so much
          I know.. I agree.. at about 1997.. it was just.. downhill.
          last decade I have enjoyed coldplay and one republic..not much else
          Phil Collins was steady into the 90s,so he kept the 80’s alive for me. a little while longer
          I only like one new modern up and coming star “Grimes”
          her songs genesis.. and vanessa “realiti”and many more. she single handedly made me feel I “still had it”
          an ability to even NOTICE an up and coming talent. being this age… she made me feel 17 again… was all too surprised at myself…
          proud that i noticed her before everyone else did:)!
          from her FIRST American performance i was going crazy and i knew she’d get big and she did…(she is from Canada)
          so yes i still got it haha
          in the 80s though you didn’t seem to “seek out” or notice new and hidden raw talent .Everyone was in your face big!

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