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Have a post you’re just dying to share? It can be about anything!
Share it here, and meet other bloggers too!
Just drop your link in the comments and reblog this post. That’s it!
Besides your post being seen here by other bloggers, I’ll also share your post to my social media.

Let’s get the party started! Have fun!


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    • Hi, Donna!
      I am so sorry. Your comment went into my spam folder and I didn’t see it until just now. I have no idea why that happened. I’ve approved your comment. BTW, I am looking for guest bloggers. Would you be interested in writing about raising a son with autism? Let me know.


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    This is luckyotter’s meet and greet party. Jump over to find some exciting new blogs and enhance your blog traffic by placing your link here.

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  2. Hi. Thank you so much for hosting a blog party! My name is Amanda and I blog a little bit of everything. Mainly, my blog is fiction, nonfiction and poetry. I’m participating in National Poetry Writing Month, so I have a poem each day from their prompt. If you’re interested in participating with me you can sign your blog up at: and go back to the page each day for a new prompt for all 30 days in April. If you would like to wander around my blog it’s at

    Thanks so much!

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  4. Life is where we are on any given day and those that claim to have never experienced mental illness in either themselves or those around them are in fact delusional. Keep the faith, keep dumping it in your blog and take it one day at a time and you will continue to be okay.

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    • Yes, sometimes writing these posts does feel a bit like dumping! And I always feel better after I do. Thank you for the encouraging words, Robert


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