Superman metaphor for personal transformation.

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  1. look up mary sue!
    female version of superman. a writing term “mary sue” (google mary sue writing,or fanfic,or literary term)
    you will be fascinated,ive been studying this phenom 3 years now. its on fire.
    because she is female though… its a BAD term(self insert of author as a bad thing when males have done it for centuries! like with superman Rambo etc)
    its intense
    “killing mary sue” is a common term… to make her more realistic male authors are abusing and raping her in fanfics…
    but when females write glorious mary sue’s as self wish fulfillments they get bashed and criticized,
    there are thousands of examples. its a huge growing literary term forcing many to deal with themselves!!! how IRONIC that no “self insert” is allowed!!! they end up exposing themselves! you will see that immediately.
    they hide under the guise “we are trying to help you write “better”
    you will see through it in a second, people as us trained to see through narc stuff!
    you will be shocked.
    mary sue look “her” up
    she represents more than just a literary term.


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