One of the mysteries of life: unmystified!

I always wondered why you never see baby squirrels.  I never saw one!  But I can finally check this off my 50 Things to Ponder list because a friend of mine remembered my list and sent me this video of (you guessed it!) baby squirrels!




8 thoughts on “One of the mysteries of life: unmystified!

  1. Aw, they’re so cute. I wonder what part of the country that is. I’ve never seen squirrels with those markings. Beautiful. Ours are gray and there are a handful of black ones but none with spots.
    I rescued a baby I found on a side walk a couple years ago. But his eyes had been open for a while. My roommate and I took him/her to a wildlife rescue in the area.

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    • Texas (he says it in the beginning). About halfway thru you can hear the cicadas and they are pretty loud. My father lives in Dallas and one summer when I was there the cicadas sounded exactly like that.
      Awww, I bet you were sad to let him go, but at least he was okay. You did the right thing.

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      • Haha, well that’s how well I listen. I heard those cicadas though. 🙂

        I wasn’t sad. We took him within hours of me finding him. I have/had no idea how to take care of the little guy.

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  2. The baby squirrels are orphans. Being a borderline, I feel like a kind of orphan too. In fact when the going got bad, a close friend told me to re-frame things in my mind and pretend(live life like) I was an orphan. Then I better knew how to proceed.

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    • A therapist told me that once too–to pretend my parents died instead of them being alive but being so rejecting. It did sort of change my outlook about things and I felt less victimized.

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  3. Great video. So cute at the end where the two are fighting over a single strawberry.

    Here in our eastern New Mexico town there are no squirrels. Since we moved to this here 6 years ago I have seen coyotes, a gray fox, a black bear, owls, a skunk, a rattle snake, and mice. But not one squirrel.

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    • Coyotes and foxes! Cool! We do have black bears around, they like to rummage in trash cans. Once I was walking in the woods back behind my old employer, and almost came face to face with a female bear. Of course I turned and walked FAST the other way. I heard the bear going back into the woods. Probably had babies somewhere.
      I thought the ending of the video with the two squirrels fighting over the strawberry was adorable.

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