Wipe Your Tears

There IS life after loss.  There is life after abuse.
This post is beautiful, moving, powerful, heartbreaking, transformational, the story of my life…oh hell, just read it.  Leave comments under the author’s original.

Seeking a Life Full of Laughter


Today the sun is shining, and this beautiful break from the cold winter of Cleveland, reminds me how much I love and look forward to spring. While my heart yearns to be outside and to run, feeling the air burning in my lungs as I force my out of shape legs to keep moving forward, I am still scared. I am still broken.

I dreamed of him last night. And in my dream I confronted him about his behavior, and his choices. And his cold cruel laugh and his inability to look me in the eye, reminded me that it was all of a lie in real life. Knowing in my heart, that even though he was fake, my feelings were not. That even now, if he came crawling back I would still want him. It made me feel ashamed and angry.

I want to feel the sun shine on…

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