Changes to this blog.

I’ve been snowbound for over two days so I’ve had lots of time to blog, and play with this blog when not writing. I think the minor changes I made are an improvement.

1. I simplified the titles in the headers for a cleaner look

2. I edited down some of the text in my header pages to make understanding and navigating them less confusing

3. Besides changing the name of “My Disorders” to “Read About My Crazy,” I added a Seasonal Affective Disorder tab under it (it now joins BPD and AvPD). I don’t have a complex PTSD tab because that would include almost every post I’ve written.

4. I changed the font. I like it better.

Tomorrow I’ll probably be snowed in again (it’s that bad), so I think I’m going to add a new header tab that lists my essays and humorous stories.

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  1. Hmmm. Try clicking on my name?? I had some domain name issues a few weeks back but I thought I fixed it. Let me know if that doesn’t work!

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