Going out for a walk.


I feel good about taking action about something I had hesitated about. I can’t stand having to do things like that, but once you do it, you feel relief. I haven’t been out of the house in almost 2 days, due to the weather, and I need to get out, I’m getting cabin fever. So I’m going to take a walk for about an hour in the snow and just forget about all the BS life throws at me.

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  1. New to your blog. Thanks for sharing and being vulnerable! I found it recently because I am dealing with having a narcissistic mother and sister that I just reconnected with, or tried to reconnect with,
    after being gone from them for 15 years. I learned from my counselor they abuse me because they are narcissists. I just recently was seeing a neurologist because I am having neurological issues with my eyes, legs and feet and even he was very concerned that I had no reflexes at all in my r foot. He pre-decided that it was a spinal issue which I knew he was wrong about but he wouldn’t listen to me so I went ahead and did the spinal MRI and nothing was found. I got him to agree to allow me to have a brain MRI and before I had it he told me that my neurological symptoms were all due to my PTSD. They only found one lesion in my brain and he used that to say nothing was wrong with me but stress and even though we were supposed to have another visit, he is forcing me back to my PCP refusing to see me. So, I wrote him through my patient account a 2,000 word email for a permanent record confronting him on how he wouldn’t give me an equal partnership in our medical relationship; that I bring the expertise of living in and knowing my body just as he has the medical expertise of being a doctor, and that one lesion has to have some medical value when added to the actual medical issues I am experiencing. I advised him I totally disagree that all of my symptoms are caused by stress. It felt weird to confront an ‘almighty’ doctor with a permanent record and at the time I felt guilty, which is ridiculous really, but afterwards I knew I had done the right thing in standing up for myself!!! So glad to read this post from you as it encouraged me!!

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