No white Christmas this year.


I’m not a big fan of snow or cold weather, but this entire month has been unseasonably warm, and after two or three days of moderately cold weather (but still above freezing), the springlike weather is back. Her’es a screenshot of the weather forecast for the next week.


As you can see, thunderstorms are supposed to move in tonight, with possible flooding or even severe storms possible–and stick around through Christmas Day. As much as I usually dislike snow, I really wouldn’t mind seeing a little of the white stuff on Christmas. Somehow, thunderstorms and rain don’t seem to fit the mood of the season. Maybe the weather isn’t feeling much in the holiday spirit. It’s just been a very weird month, weather-wise.


The scientific reason why the east coast has been so warm.

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    • I definitely think there is such a thing as global warming. Last winter was very warm too, though not as warm as this year. It’s almost HOT out right now. :/


  1. The weather is upside down. Here in New Mexico we have a blizzard in our forecast, starting the day after Christmas and continuing into next week, with temps in the teens. I am trying not to freak out about it.

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