Memes About The Weather And Running The Air Conditioning

…and I still have to mow the lawn in December. I think the weather forgot to take its meds.

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These are a couple of memes going around the Internet about how many of us are running the air conditioning here in December. The weather here is crazy if you ask me. Where is the cold weather? I blame El Nino.

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5 thoughts on “Memes About The Weather And Running The Air Conditioning

  1. I wish we needed the AC here. Our forecast blizzard isn’t due to start until the day after Christmas, but one weather report says the blizzard may last three whole days! I’m so anxious, I keep needing to remind myself to breathe!!

    I looked up blizzard snow storms on Wikipedia and the facts I read there made me feel faint. The worst blizzard in history buried over 200 towns and villages with more than 26 feet of snow in Iran in 1972!!! It snowed for a week and killed a large number of people.

    In the history of the U.S., there have been some blizzards that were almost as bad. One had winds of 100 miles per hour and snow drifts that were 25 feet tall!

    You know, maybe a little global warming isn’t so bad? Just enough to stop catastrophic blizzards from happening? Our upcoming blizzard shouldn’t be too horrible, though. Comparatively speaking, I mean.

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  2. It snowed that much in IRAN? It must have been in the mountains. That’s a lot of snow. We had 6 feet back in ’93 (the Storm of the Century) and everyone still talks about it. I was living in NJ at the time and we only got 3 feet, but the whole east coast was pretty much under snow.

    Keep breathing. It will be fine!


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