On freaking out.


I shouldn’t freak out so much whenever I post something I’m embarrassed by or ashamed of or that is very personal.
I always forget how good running naked in public can feel.
The outcome is never bad, and always leads to even more self awareness.
How can that be a bad thing?

I’m not alone in freaking out over stuff like this. It seems to be universal, hardwired into the human brain.
Why is there so much shame in making yourself vulnerable, telling your secrets? Does it mean you’re weak? Is it something we should be ashamed of?
I don’t think so. I think being vulnerable and candid means we have the courage to honest even when it hurts, and that makes you stronger than 100 boxes of Wheaties.

I posted an article earlier I was certain would run off most of my readers, cause my friends to leave me, and basically kill this blog.
But that hasn’t happened.
Everyone’s been so supportive.
And I want to tell everyone thank you. I’m glad I did this now.

7 thoughts on “On freaking out.

  1. i just wrote about this myself. I have been left so much too and still feel surprised each time I am supported and loved here-like “is this for real”, Please keep sharing, we won’t go away. You are brave and wonderful. Thank you.

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  2. Ahh, running naked in public. Exhilarating . Usually followed by the cold, click of handcuffs behind your back but, soo worth it. LOL

    Kidding , morning O.T.!

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