X-rated spam?


Is it just me, or are other bloggers getting more profane spam than usual containing explicitly sexual messages? It’s not really a problem, since I can just delete them, but I haven’t seen this sort of spam until the past week or two, and am wondering if others have noticed it too.

I don’t want to set my spam blocker to automatically delete my spam, since sometimes it accidentally sends a bonafide comment to spam. So I go through all my spam messages before deleting them.


20 thoughts on “X-rated spam?

  1. I never open mine, so I really can’t say. I notice though some have image links, but I won’t open them to see what they are. All I ever do is check my spam folder before I delete them to make sure no valid users comments may have slipped by, which does happen from time to time.

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  2. Sometimes I get spam in my inbox, while no prude it makes me wonder who the target is? I’m used to getting bombs about increasing the size of my boobs (I may be bisexual but I don’t want to be a woman, no offence). They’re not as bad as your cartoon suggests, so maybe I get different spam to you?

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    • Some of mine has been worse. There hasn’t been a lot, but the ones I’m referring to are pretty bad, yeah. I won’t repeat them here.
      I just looked at (and deleted) today’s spam and these messages seem to be from a site called “Free Sex Toys.”

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      • Wow, are the toys free to have sex? I haven’t seen anything like that, bearing in mind a lot of children have email these days how can companies ensure their spam won’t be seen by those too young to understand that sex between mutually consenting adults is good? We need to stop this before it spreads like a cancer to infect the next generation.


    • You should. Or use Akismet ad blocker, which WP provides for free. You can set your spam to be automatically deleted if you don’t want to be bothered sorting through it.


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