Maternal love.

I find these pictures beautiful and moving. Some prudish types may find them “pornographic,” but I don’t, not one bit. They are just so natural and lovely.



For the record, I don’t find anything wrong with public breastfeeding, and I think we need to get over our discomfort with it.

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    • I agree, i have seen lovely photos of barechested men holding an infant, but it’s usually a male one or a very young one. If a naked male was holding a child the age of the child in these two pictures (obviously an older baby or toddler), most people would think that was strange, at best.

      Doesn’t the model in these photos look an awful lot like a very young Katie Holmes? I wonder if she might have posed for these. If so, that’s not her own child. Suri never looked like that.

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    • I agree that society is gender biased too. However, the bonding between baby and mother is MUCH different than the father/ baby bond. So it could also be in our DNA to think that a pic of a male holding a toddler (both naked) is strange at best.

      The thing is as much as we in modern society all want to be considered the same, the fact is we are not. All ya gotta do is look at our naked bodies to know this.

      That doesn’t mean that one gender should be treated lesser than the other though
      Although we are different, there are certain equalities we are entitled to, sure. Two men in a relationship should be able to adopt a child and raise it. Same with two women or a single person who wants to give a child a loving home. But then it does kind of fly in the face of what’s natural doesn’t it?

      Then again, it’s not exactly natural to give up a baby for adoption and it’s sometimes necessary and best for baby.

      What about the fact that being breast fed is much healthier and helps the bonding process as well as builds the immune system of the child. Men cannot do that, no matter how much you want to see them as an equal caregiver as a mother.

      I don’t know, I can’t pretend I don’t have an issue with what you are talking about. It isn’t quite as beautiful to me. But then not only DNA (as I suggest above) may effect my view on it, but my background and what triggers I have. Which is why society as a whole is gender bias too I suppose.

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      • yep…well said…the internet is the modern Dark Forest…and gender-bias is just highlighted more…btw…your post is awesome…some of this guy’s pics are ok…but some leave me wondering…BUT the child is smiling and carefree…she is too young to hide pain…

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      • Don’t worry, it’s just not something our society acepts fully (I think it’s terrible, for example, when a nursing mother is forced to take her baby to the restroom and feed it thre, as if its’ something dirty and shameful. But do I think we’re ready to walk around with our breasts exposed all the time like in National Geographic? No. And if I saw someone walking around like that making no effort to cover themselves I would probably feel embarrassed and turn away.

        As for breastfeeding in public, I think it should be done *discreetly* in a way the breasts aren’t out on display. I think most breastfeeding mothers use a shawl or towel or wear a loose piece of clothing to stay modest.
        I think your feelings about it are pretty normal.


        • Oh I don’t have a problem with public breast feeding at all. But I agree with being discreet also.

          I think we as a society and most of us as individuals have hang ups that keep us in shame for things that really are normal and healthy.

          I was responding to JDawg about his comment about how society is gender biased. And in many ways I think we should be. But not in a negative way.

          I also agree with you, Otter, on humans needing to get over ourselves in certain ways…like demonizing women/mothers for breastfeeding in public is a perfect example, as you stated.

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  1. Beautiful photos. I proudly say I breastfed all of my children and tandem nursed the last three at various times. I breastfed whenever and wherever because that is what you do as a mother. I wish I had beautiful pictures like these to remember my loving sacrifices for my children. Perhaps then I would be more appreciated.

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    • That’s beautiful and I’m sure a lot of people appreciate you. But I feel that way a lot, too.
      I didn’t breastfeed for long unfortunately, with my son. Only the first month, because I had to go back to work. 😦 I wrote about that beautiful experience, which was also incredibly emotional in the intensity of the connection I felt with him.
      That really is what motherhood is all about–attachment and connection. These intimate moments are as beautiful for the mother as they are for the child.
      I tried to breastfeed my daughter but for some reason she wouldn’t latch on and I had to switch to a bottle. But that didn’t work well either and she was losing weight, so eventually the doctor realized she was allergic to milk proteins–even mine, and she had to go on soy formula. Sometimes I wonder if the difficulty breastfeeding her and her feeding problems in general might have impaired attachment to me– and might have led to some of the problems she had later on…

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