Pylons, a rainbow and a promise.

I didn’t post anything last night because my power went out and when it got dark, there was nothing else to do but go to bed.

So anyway. For the past few days I was worried because I didn’t seem to be coming up with many creative ideas and have been resorting to reblogging and video-posting to make up for that. But driving home last night it started raining, and suddenly I started snapping pictures when I saw the electrical pylons, which seem otherworldly to me. I’ve always been fascinated by electrical pylons and at some point (when it isn’t raining) want to go to the electrical field and do a photographic study of them.

When I was in my early 20s, photography was a hobby of mine and I thought I might become a professional photographer, but unfortunately my expensive 35mm camera I’d saved for months to purchase was stolen, along with all my camera equipment, and that made me give up that dream.

The rainbow at the end of these photos seemed to me like a promise from God telling me my future is still bright and NO ONE one can convince me it’s all over for me because of my age or any other “reason” why I will fail to become successful in the things I love to do the most (mainly writing–maybe I’ll write a book that includes photography).

Enjoy the photographs. Unfortunately, my crappy phone camera didn’t really capture the brilliance of the rainbow. Can you see the double rainbow there?

2 views of the rain through my car window.


The pylons!



Pylons in the rain.


The rainbow!




18 thoughts on “Pylons, a rainbow and a promise.

  1. Lovely pictures. You have a great eye for photography. I felt sad reading about how your expensive camera was stolen and your dream of being a photographer was derailed. But you are right, it is not too late for you to follow your creative dreams.

    I posted two more pictures on Twitter tagged to you. One is a screenshot of a recent hair raising weather forecast for our town, and the other is a picture I took in June 2012 from our back yard, of a huge rotating supercell. Moments after I took that picture, hail as big as baseball’s fell from the sky. A storm tracking crew was driving through our town when that storm hit and a large hail stone destroyed their windshield. They posted a video of that on YouTube, I will see if I can find the link.

    With your eye for photography, just think what great pictures you could get here on the high plains! I love your double rainbow. Several years ago I got a photograph of a huge rainbow that ended in the middle of our driveway! Unfortunately there was no pot of gold there. Even worse, the computer I downloaded that picture to died and I haven’t been able to find those pictures anywhere else. A couple of my rainbow and hail pictures were shown on the news in Albuquerque. That was in 2009, I believe. We had hail ankle deep as far as the eye could see in every direction.

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    • Yes, the camera being stolen was really devastating because I’d saved for months for it. I did give up after that.

      Alaina, if you DID find a pot of gold at the end of that rainbow, it wouldn’t surprise me because your life is crazy enough!
      Can’t wait to look at your pictures.

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      • Lol about the pot of gold…

        I am so sick right now. It hit me all of a sudden, I started shivering violently and one my fever is over 100. It feels like a chest cold, maybe bronchitis. Never had anything like this in June that I can remember. My husband wants to take me to the ER but I am too sick to move.

        Why am I telling you this? Nuts. Blame it on the fever.

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  2. Here is the storm video that a storm chasing crew shot while driving into and through our town in June 2012:

    If you watch it, I advise you to turn the sound way down. The young woman driving the storm tracker vehicle sounds like she is making a pornographic movie, when the storm gets really bad. Our RV was totaled by that storm, animals were killed, and roofs and vehicles all over town were badly damaged. It sounded like an angry giant was throwing boulders on our house!

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    • Whoa! Did it really get that dark under the storm cloud? It looks like nighttime! Does it really get that black, Alaina?
      This is really cool, but that woman is very annoying.

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      • Yes it got very dark, the storm hit us right around sunset. We were just sitting down to eat a late dinner when I noticed that the sunlight coming in through the blinds had a strange fiery glow… so I went outside and saw a giant rotating dark cloud over our yard, with lightning flashing inside it. Took some pictures and then the sky fell. It was an amazing scary experience.

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  3. So sad when I heard about the camera incident. So sad when someone’s dreams are crushed right before they’re about to take flight!
    The pylons are pretty scary to me, mostly in rainy season. I’ve seen how the pylons trapped some people in their car when it fell on the car! Freakin’ electricity everywhere!
    I’d prefer to stay at a distance;)
    Yeah, but the double rainbow is great, an uncommon sighting I saw only once. I love rainbows because they’re beautiful and moreover are a symbol of the Eternal covenant between Man and God.

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