The Perfect Narcissist.

In order to be diagnosed with Narcissistic Personality Disorder (NPD) a person must meet at least five of the nine criteria specified in the DSM. Most narcissists do not meet all 9.

Brian Blackwell, a young man who murdered both his parents and then callously left their bodies behind to take a trip to New York City with his girlfriend, met all 9 criteria. Here is his story.

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  1. His mother had a very strange relationship with him. She had cold empathy towards him based on rewarding him for his achievements. She did not love him unconditionally. Bathing him at 17 years old is sexual abuse. Ironically, he carried his mother into rge bathroom and placed her near the bathtub. This is key to understanding his pathological shame.

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      • Did he say his mother bathed him at 17 during his trial? Sounds very suspicious to me.
        The Menendez brothers also claimed their parents abused them after they had planned
        their brutal murders for the money and got caught. They also made it appear to be a break in.

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  2. Fascinating! I know very little about the subject, but how do they “treat” NPD? They mentioned about him being ready for parole after a number of years, but how could anyone ever be convinced about his true thoughts or beliefs?

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    • Treatment is rarely successful, mostly because so few narcissists will ever present themselves for therapy or even know they have the disorder. This doesn’t mean they are happy people, they aren’t, But they think it’s everyone else with the problem , not them. The most common treatment is CBT (cognitive behavioral therapy) which teaches more prosocial behaviors but doesn’t address the underlying problem.

      More intensive therapy that does address the underlying problem such as reparenting can work but isn’t often used and is poorly researched. Even when it is used, many narcissists leave therapy when their mask starts to fall away and their emotions become too painful.
      You can look under the tab in the header, Healing NPD and BPD– for other articles I have about curing and treating NPD.
      I hope this helps.


      • Thank you! I did wonder if CBT was used, but again, also wondered about its effectiveness. Are narcissists aware they have a “mask” or do they truly believe the world they have created? I hope you don’t mind my probably naïve questions, but I am very interested!

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        • I don’t mind at all. There are some self-aware narcissists, but the majority are not. Self awareness is not a narcissistic trait. An exception to this is Sam Vaknin, who you may have heard of. He’s a self-admitted narcissist who wrote the book “Malignant Self Love” which is written for the victims of people like himself. He knows everything there is to know about narcissism but he is not cured. I’ve written several articles about him.
          I’ve had several self admitted narcissists email me asking for help. I can’t help a narcissist, but I can help direct them to where they can go if they want to get help. I was surprised to find out how desperate some of them really are. It’s a miserable disorder to have and some of them do suffer because they can’t ever have satisfying relationships or feel the genuine, positive emotions normal people can feel. They are filled with envy and anger all the time. But you can’t just decide to change. People with NPD have likely had this disorder since childhood and narcissism has become so ingrained in the personality it’s almost impossible to dislodge without intensive therapy. And of course, most are unwilling because their narcissism has gotten them what they want. It’s usually their victims who feel like they’re going crazy.


      • They actually have found that treatment can make the Psychopath even worse. They learn from the therapists and use the information against their victims.

        It would be more positive to guide the Psychopath into a direction where he becomes convinced that doing something good becomes a benefit for himself.

        Example: Becoming the Guru that helps everyone, will make the Psychopath famous, and he can enjoy the fact that he is the guru. The Psychopath is doing it for his own self interest.

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      • There is no ‘treatment’ for Narcissistic Personality Disorder. There is no ‘pills/therapy/fairy dust’ etc. There is “NO CURE”.

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