I write like William Gibson, Arthur C. Clarke, and David Foster Wallace.

William Gibson book signing at Forbidden Planet, London, UK.

According to this very cool website, which analyzes a writing sample and then tells you who your style resembles, I write exactly like William Gibson, a contemporary author of the cyberpunk genre.

2 factoids:
1. William Gibson coined the term “cyberspace.”
2. I never read anything by William Gibson. I guess now I should.

ETA: I took the test again, using a longer writing sample (both samples were from this blog)–and got science fiction author Arthur C. Clarke, whose books I love.

…and even later:
I tried this with 3 more writing samples, and got David Foster Wallace all three times! So I guess that’s who I really write the most like. I haven’t read his books either. Now I will.

David Foster Wallace. Should this man be my muse?

28 thoughts on “I write like William Gibson, Arthur C. Clarke, and David Foster Wallace.

  1. I took the sample test. It said I write like Oscar Wilde. I think that is a compliment. I never read anything written by him. Now I’m curious. I’d like to read one of his books.

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  2. I got Cory Doctorow too, whom I have some ambivalency about, and on two other posts I got Chuck Palahnuik and Vladimir Nabokov (but if I was writing stories about pedos I’d do more brutal things to them, I think.)

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    • I decided to stick in another writing sample, and got David Foster Wallace AGAIN! That’s the third time, so I guess I must really write like him. I need to read his books, then.
      sqin!G <——– what the hell is THAT? That's such a goofy typo I'm going to leave it there.


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  4. That site is too much fun. I did it four times!
    I got Gertrude Stein, Douglas Adams, William Gibson and David Foster Wallace.

    The last two I plugged in two different poems. Kind of an eclectic crew there. Thanks for posting about the site. It’s quite the ego lift. LOL.

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