2 old photos of famous narcissists

That is Bill and Hillary Clinton when they were dating as college students. (Bill may have been a narcissist, but I always sort of liked him anyway).

A very normal-looking 1970s family, aren’t they? Well, guess which one is Osama bin Laden? (He’s in the green shirt on the right).

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6 thoughts on “2 old photos of famous narcissists

    • Omg!! When Vaknin would write about Obama being a Narcissist. I couldn’t help but think about Hillary and Bill. Bill is primarily a Somatic Narcissist but I believe also Cerebral. The guy is brilliant.

      And Hillary is totally Cerebral. People use to say, “How could she put up with Bill’s infidelity.” And the short answer is, “She’s into his brain and political policies. She does not care about sex.” I hear people say, “I bet your going to see her with someone else after the Presidency.” My answer, NOT!! Lol

      She could care less. She cares about Legislation.

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      • I agree, I think a cerebral narcissist and a somatic narcissist can actually have a “workable” relationship in that they each have something the other needs. How do you feel about Hillary as President. I really didn’t think Bill was that bad, and in fact the economy boomed while he was in office. Not sure if Hillary is dangerous or not. She appears to be smarter than Bill (he was pretty smart himself though) and that could be dangerous, but I just don’t know if I would trust her.

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        • I use to tell my brother that I believed Hillary was smarter then Bill. I do believe Bill is primarily Somatic with a very high intelligence. He’s extremely charismatic. I could have gone to a fancy dinner and sat at the table with him during the campaign before he became President, because I made a contribution. But I sent my brother instead. Now that I look back at it…I’m glad I sent my brother. I did shake Bills hand and Al Gores hand 3 days before he was elected.

          I did meet Hillary at a wine and cheese Galla before Bill was elected. She gave me her autograph and I got these chills through my body. I looked in her eyes and thought I’m starting at the first woman who will be President of the United States. I went home and told my brother, and he told me that there is no logic behind my intuition. She wasn’t even Senator of New York yet. I told my brother… so what… She’s going to be President. He said, “let’s see if Bill makes it.” I said Bill will win and Hillary would be President one day. I thought it would be sooner than 2016 though.

          I always liked Hillary,..but I do like Senator Elizabeth Warren. I prefer a Progressive liberal.

          We’ve got to keep Hillary to the left…

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