The tears of a clown.


Here was one of yesterday’s search terms:
vomiting after seeing ex.narcissist begging me back

Really now? The narc’s begging you back actually made you puke?
But yes, I can definitely understand it though.

Sometimes those over the top emotional displays when you take away a narc’s source of supply by leaving them are pretty nauseating to say the least. I don’t know if it’s “acting” or desperation or what, but I know it’s not “love.”

I remember back in my 20s, witnessing the incredible reaction of a malignant narcissist boyfriend when I finally worked up the courage to tell him I was leaving him.

This was a verbally and sometimes physically abusive man who treated me like dirt most of the time, made fun of me, tried to turn my friends against me, and cheated on me as well. I had waited far too long to disconnect from him. I honestly didn’t think he would care that much because his behavior was anything but that of a man in love. In fact I thought he’d probably be relieved I was letting him go.

But oh, I was so wrong. SO wrong about that.
When I told him I was leaving, this narcissistic jerk literally exploded into the loud, violent, gasping, wracking sobs of a very young child, torrents of tears and snot pouring and mingling together on his fire engine red face while he begged me through choking sobs not to leave him. He actually was gagging. I don’t think I have never seen an uglier crier than him at that moment. It made me feel sick to see this, and I actually did feel vaguely nauseated. I felt no empathy for him at that moment. I just sat there with my mouth hanging open, not quite believing what I was seeing.

Then to make matters even worse, he kept telling me over and over how much he loved me and couldn’t live without me (my bullshit detector was at full volume). Then he begged me to hold him too, but I just…couldn’t. Ew. I felt myself recoil in disgust. God, I felt so repelled by him. It wasn’t even because of his over the top (and rather gross) emotional display, but because I knew all those tears he was shedding “for me” were really just for himself. They were an elaborate act. Maybe not fake, because no one who wasn’t really hurt would be able to cry like that, but they were manipulative tears, meant to “win back” me as his source of supply. This love-bombing loser should have gone into the movies–he would have won an Academy Award for that incredible performance.

I knew he never loved me, and true to form, two weeks later he found a new girlfriend source of supply.



3 thoughts on “The tears of a clown.

  1. Yes! I’ve experienced this Big Baby Meltdown, barf-inducing scene. It is a scary and gross thing to witness.

    I made the huge mistake of taking the guy back. “He must really love me,” I thought, “to be this devastated. He must really be sorry for how he’s treated me. He will treat me better now.”

    Oh how naive I was. Almost immediately after I went back to him, he was treating me ten times worse than before. His justification for treating me so badly was my “crime” of having left him.

    His girlfriend before me had committed suicide. The one after me attempted suicide. That was around the time he put a bumper sticker on his car that said “Women Want Me, Fish Fear Me.” (Warning: this dude lives on a beach in Delaware and looks a bit like Santa Claus.)

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  2. Ever noticed how narcs have no shame and are incapable of being embarrassed? If they need something, they don’t care how they appear to others. They will do ANYTHING to get what they want or think they need.


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