Guys, I need some advice.


I need to make a decision.

Have any of you ever written a post you thought was amazing and longed, even ached–to publish it, but didn’t have the courage because you thought for whatever reason that it made you too vulnerable? That it revealed too many truths you wanted to keep private?

I have that problem right now. I just spent several hours working on what I think is my best written post ever, because my whole heart was poured into it while I wrote it. But it’s for that very reason I’m hesitant to let anyone see it. It’s not about anything controversial or shocking or illicit or illegal–I just think it shows me at my most vulnerable and that’s very, very scary.

Posting it for the world to see would be like going naked in public. Right now I’m just (figuratively!) naked in my own house–by keeping that post set to Private.
But I am longing to put it up. I feel like I must put it up even though I’m scared.

Have any of you bloggers ever experienced this, and what did you do about it? How did you resolve your indecision? If you decided to post it anyway, what happened?
What advice can you give me?

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  1. I’ve bared my soul on my blog and wrote about very private things, I was hesitant to post the letters to my wife as they are deeply personal and were written from my very soul to her, but I did post them, why? because I hope it helps others who grieve to know that they are not alone in their journey, because I want to share the love I had, with everyone, I don’t know why but I am compelled to share my love , so I just do it, it helps me heal, I still get nervous when I am posting about my beliefs in God , why I do not know, but I’d say go for it, if you want to post it then go for it, it’s a huge step I know , it’s like stepping into the unknown when you bare your soul on a blog .

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    • It sure is Butch…and you helped me with this comment. I have read your heartfelt posts about your wife in particular and felt so proud of you for being so brave to post about such personal things. I thought those posts were some of your most beautifully written.–because I could just tell those words came from your heart.
      I know I should go ahead and do this because I probably will be glad I did and maybe it’s exactly what someone else needs to read.
      I still have to think on this a little more though.

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  2. Yes! I have felt that way many times. It’s difficult exposing your heart to the world and the world is not always so kind, so making yourself vulnerable is certainly counter intuitive. I’ve always been glad I did, however.

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  3. I do that all the time. In the beginning it was difficult to decide to do it, but soon you realize that people start caring about you and your story and this is like the greatest healing you can imagine

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  4. I fully relate to this. Ive shared things so deep and personal that people in my real life don’t know about. I write the post. Hover the mouse over the button, Close my eyes and and hit publish. Sounds silly but works for me. If I thought about it I’d never put anything up. Do what’s right for you. For me I’ve never regretted anything I’ve shared as I feel empowered by it. Wishing you well with you decision

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  5. When it’s your heart driving it, you’ll always feel something, going in. There’s always a risk, but it’s a good thing. The writing process in blogging is supposed to be constructive. You allow yourself to be vulnerable so others can relate and see that they aren’t alone on something. It doesn’t always resonate, but here sharing is caring.

    By all means, if it’s not meant for anyone else, keep it private. But I doubt whatever it is you’re hesitant to publish is … well, literally naked, etc. lol.

    Constructive…it’s such a beautiful word…

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  6. I’ve felt that way several times. I originally started blogging about childhood and things I love about my family growing up. I found that blogging and sharing the articles to my family and friends (like on facebook, which is mainly for family and friends) was the most difficult for me as far as feeling the nervousness and hesitation right before publishing. I have since moved away from that audience, not because of the fear or nervousness, but more because I found that a large percentage of people don’t enjoy reading anymore. There are occasions, however, where one of your friends or family will respond to an article, and immediately you feel that sense of relief that you posted the it against your own reservations. But what I’ve discovered (mainly in the FB audience) is if it’s longer than a funny meme, people don’t want to take the time to actually read it, and they certainly don’t respond with any opinion on the subject. So, places like WordPress allow us (writers) to surround ourselves with people who enjoy and appreciate our articles.

    I have found that some of my best articles, and some of the best replies from my readers come from articles that spurned the feelings you are describing right before publishing. Maybe it’s the fact that writing from the heart is so much more personal. It seems to not only affect how you feel about the subject, but it also affects the readers too as they seem to sense from whence the content is being originated.


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