Listen to one of my favorite 90s songs.

I posted about this song before in this post about 1990s nostalgia.

I’m posting it again because it’s another song that’s been very inspirational to me in my journey and always reminds me to appreciate the moment, the day I am presently occupying.
Every day can be a great day!

I’m adding this to my page of songs that have inspired me or helped in my healing journey (which is found in the header).

4 thoughts on “Listen to one of my favorite 90s songs.

  1. I just saw a documentary on sound city. Sound city was the place/studio that most of the legendary musicians recorded. It was in an old house… Pre-digital recordings. Old nostalgic music had that live band sound and it was all produced through one amazing huge sound board. Digital recording technology put sound city out of business pretty much overnight.


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