How did THIS happen?


I have over 20,000 hits. When WordPress compiled my Annual Report two days ago I only had 18,000 hits. It took me almost two months to reach 2,000 hits when I first started this blog. Now it takes two DAYS?

I don’t expect this blog to ever be as huge or popular as OM’s Harsh Reality or anything, but DAYUM.

22 thoughts on “How did THIS happen?

  1. That’s great! Keep it up. You never know who you’ll pass up on the blogging road. But most importantly, just think of all the wonderful people you’ll meet in the process.

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  2. Awesome!! it’s no small wonder , you have an Awesome Blog, and you are an Awesome passionate writer! I foresee your blog getting as big as if not surpassing OM’s one day! and he will be THRILLED !! I so enjoy your blog , keep up the great work!

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