I think my family knows.


Oh, dear.

I don’t have definite proof I was “found out,” but I saw that both my parents have LinkedIn profiles, and reading her profile, she is quite knowledgable about social media.

Of the two viewers I had tonight, one chose to be “anonymous.” I bet one of them is a family member, possibly my mother or father, who may have seen one of my articles I shared there tonight. Since I’m using my real name there and my profile contains my blog’s name and IRL, I think I was probably found out, if they didn’t know about it already (which they might have).

Oh well. It wasn’t going to be a secret forever, and maybe it’s all for the best.

ETA: I just changed my name on my profile to Lauren Bennett (I always liked the name Lauren, and Bennett is a family name). It might be too late now, but it could throw them off.

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  1. Love, love, love, the picture you chose! I actually encouraged my mom to follow my blog before I started to vent on all things her and realized a lot of my therapy was starting to be based on my experiences as a child an attachment or lack their of and what have you and I have yet to figure out how to uninvite an email invited follower! lol, so I gave her a heads up that this was “myplace2spu” spew and that she could always opt out if she didn’t like what she was reading or want to receive any more emails but I think she follows it still because it feeds her supply thingy majig! lol. according to my email list of invite followers she is still on the list. Not once has she ever brought up anything I have ever wrote about her or anything so I leave well enough alone not to stir the pot. but she lives like 3 or 4ish states away thank god so that helps too. I hope this doesn’t raise a sh*t storm for you.
    I just read your facebook/ social media storm post and thought to myself I wonder if its worth the risk of my anonymity but I think I like the small circle I have here. Although I do find myself filtering and rethinking how might this affect her delicate ego and what time of year it is and do I want to suffer the wrath of what might come of such a post. So I write it but I publish it at a later safer date when I don’t feel like there is something on the line, because with Mother Dearest their is always something hanging on the line! stupid to play her games I know but I haven’t been able to go no contact. I did once for like 4 years and it was bliss but that is a whole nother post. lol. Nothing is ever black an white with them except them!
    Best of luck to you.

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    • I love your user name btw. It’s perfect! This is “my place to spew” too. But wanting to keep your blog a secret from your FOO and at the same time become more visible is tricky.

      Like you, at first I told myself I didn’t care if my family found out (and like i said they might have already) and in fact maybe they DESERVE to read about themselves! But I’m a scared rabbit too — hypervigilant and paranoid. I know I’ll worry about it anyway (and worry about them even suing me for slander even though no real names are used my posts), so i decided to change my name to a completely different one on LinkedIn will help me relax and make it harder for them to find me.

      I also am mystified why certain relatives like my father and a few of my cousins are listed to me as “suggested contacts.” How does the site KNOW?!? o__o The cousins are fine, since I don’t even know them, but my dad? He’s certainly not the worst one in the family, but….no, thanks I’ll pass. He’s in contact with my mother and also his wife is another one who is against me and is most likely MN (my father always falls in love with
      MNs and falls under their thrall).

      I mulled this over and decided the best course of action was a name change. I liked the name I picked (Lauren Bennett) better than my own one anyway.

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  2. I use a fake name on FB but still sought out and blocked FOO members to make sure they couldn’t find me. If they have flying monkeys block them too even if they aren’t on your friends list. All kinds of stuff can get tagged and you can get stalked via pages you like.

    I’ve had to unfriend and block narcs and other toxic people but can’t do anything about the mutual friend and contacts we have. I learned to hide my friends list on FB from everyone except DH. Narcs will go through your list and friend everyone there to insinuate themselves into every aspect of your life and to recruit people on their “side” when you try to disentangle yourself from them. Yeah, I’ve learned all this the hard way!

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    • Thanks for the tips. I barely use FB at all and might just delete it. Not sure how to block others on LI but there probably is a way. For now the name change seems to be working. No other “anonymous” or other suspicious people have viewed my profile today.

      And if they do find out about my blog? Oh well, they deserve it. I’ll just stand my ground. I have a right to write about whatever I like, and if they don’t like the truth, they need to get over it.


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