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I already wrote a post about the unnerving and predatory way psychopaths and narcs look at us, but I found this short article from Medical Minute very interesting.

The writer describes the way the N will perhaps not be appearing to look at you or is just glancing at you in a fairly normal way, as long as they are receiving enough narcissistic supply from their admirers and sycophants. But once someone dares to fail to treat them as the gods they think they are, watch out! As their narcissistic rage fires up the N’s face almost shapeshifts as their mask changes–and suddenly they are fixing the offending person with those intense, hypnotic, glaring eyes as they attempt to deflect any criticism they are receiving back onto their critic.

The article’s author uses an excellent example of the narcissistic rapper Trey Songz during a radio interview to illustrate this phenomenon. It happens at about 2:15 when he realizes the interviewer’s opinion of him doesn’t match his own grandiose view of himself. Here is he video:

Watch the way Trey’s look totally changes once one of the deejays in the studio suggest one of his songs is less than perfect and dislikes his new reality show–Trey goes from looking bored and distracted to fixing the critic with a hypnotic glare in about zero to sixty. At the same time he feigns a “I’m too cool to care” attitude by making flippant and defensive comments like, “well, that’s your opinion,” “I’m not for you to like,” and most tellingly, “I don’t want everybody to like me, I just want everyone to know who I am.”


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  1. Reblogged this on galesmind and commented:
    Thank you I think every parent should discuss narcissistic and sociopathic behavior with their children so they don’t become victims. You are one of my heros for bringing so much information to the fore. Brava my friend.

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  2. Joan S says:

    Its that stare that screwed me over. I am so brainwashed, to me it is the look of love. Trying to override it, trying. But you know, I’m starting to see it as a hungry wolf look. This one is hard to break from, but I must say its kinda cool feeling knowing that ain’t the look of love.

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    • luckyotter says:

      I used to think of it as a look of “love” too–it still creeped me out because of how intense it was. I didn’t realize that it’s really the same way a predatory animal looks at the prey they want to eat for dinner.


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